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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esi do when she hears Ogyaanowa cry?
(a) Tells her to go outside.
(b) Comes out of the bedroom and takes Ogyaanowa and drives off.
(c) Takes Ogyaanowa to her grandmother's home.
(d) Shames Oko and Ali into behaving.

2. Against what does Ali advise Esi?
(a) Returning home for a few days.
(b) Telling Esi's mother about the incident between Ali and Oko.
(c) Letting Ogyaanowa go off with Oko right now.
(d) Pressing legal charges against Oko.

3. What does Esi say her mother thinks concerning marrying Ali?
(a) He is out of Esi's social class and his family will not accept her.
(b) He is hiding something and Esi will not learn until after marriage.
(c) He is wonderful and will be a good husband.
(d) Esi deserves better than sharing a man.

4. What surprises Ali and Esi after they have made love?
(a) They feel so fused yet are so different.
(b) They are still so passionate about each other.
(c) There is a knock on the door.
(d) They both want Fusena to be happy.

5. About what does Esi laugh concerning the African male?
(a) His demands for propriety.
(b) His insolence.
(c) His insecurity.
(d) His jealousy.

6. What does Esi wonder about concerning children?
(a) She wonders if children would strengthen or weaken her marriage with Ali.
(b) She wonders if Ali will allow her to have children.
(c) How they will have any if Ali is never there.
(d) She wonders if Ali is going to make her have children.

7. What does Esi find unacceptable about Ali's new secretary?
(a) She always sides with Fusena.
(b) She does not acknowledge Esi as Ali's wife.
(c) Ali takes her to her home every day.
(d) She is single.

8. What happens one day as Ali is pulling away from Esi's house?
(a) He smashes into Esi's car.
(b) Opokuya pulls in.
(c) He hits a bicyclist.
(d) He slumps over the wheel.

9. What does Ali say when Esi demands to know why he's been gone so long?
(a) He says his daughter was ill.
(b) He says Fusena was ill.
(c) He says his mother needed him back in the country.
(d) He says he was away on business and tried to call.

10. What does Ali think of as home?
(a) His office.
(b) His house with Fusena.
(c) No where.
(d) His childhood home with his aunt.

11. To what do Ali's relatives agree?
(a) Nothing since Ali has not talked to them.
(b) To talk Fusena into the marriage.
(c) To stay out of Ali's life.
(d) To go to Esi's people.

12. Who begins banging on Esi's door?
(a) Oko.
(b) Ogyaanowa.
(c) Fusena.
(d) No one.

13. Why does Ali feel guilty at the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) For marrying Esi.
(b) For not letting Fusena divorce him.
(c) For not spending New Year's Eve with Esi.
(d) For seducing Esi in the first place.

14. For what does Esi feel guilty?
(a) sharing her doubts about Ali with Ogyaanowa.
(b) For sharing her doubts about Ali with Opokuya.
(c) For sharing her doubts about Ali with her mother.
(d) For not being more understanding of Ali.

15. What is Esi eventually feeling?
(a) Lonely and missing Ali.
(b) Unfulfilled.
(c) Neglected.
(d) Gracious towards Fusena.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ali worry about support from his family for his second marriage?

2. What does Ali continually do to Esi?

3. Who calls Esi at the Dakwas?

4. What does Esi notice in Ali's voice when she phones him?

5. What does Ali do traditionally on New Year's Eve?

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