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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ali give Esi?
(a) A pair of diamond earrings.
(b) A gold ring.
(c) A gold watch.
(d) A diamond necklace.

2. What does Oko want to do after Kubi arrives?
(a) Go to his mother's home.
(b) Go apologize to Esi.
(c) Go to Kubi's house to get Ogyaanowa.
(d) Go apologize to Ali.

3. What does Ali wonder about his ancestors?
(a) How the men managed multiple wives.
(b) If New Year's Eve meant anything to them.
(c) If they were happy.
(d) Why the men wanted multiple wives.

4. What does Ali's father want Ali to do when meeting Esi's family?
(a) Take a reliable person that Ali's father can then talk with.
(b) Show them his ancestry.
(c) Find out if they have a solid dowry to offer.
(d) Show them his net worth.

5. What does Ali bring Esi?
(a) Extravagant gifts.
(b) A writ of divorce.
(c) A request from Fusena that Esi move in with them.
(d) A request from Fusena that Esi divorce Ali.

6. What does Kweku say when he knocks on Opokuya's bedroom door?
(a) That Kubi is mad that Opokuya is not in the kitchen.
(b) That Esi and Ogyaanowa are there.
(c) That the potatoes are boiling over.
(d) That the beans have burned rather badly.

7. What does Mma. Danjuma know when she sees Esi?
(a) She will never warm to Esi.
(b) Esi is Fusena's inferior in every way.
(c) She will be good friends with Esi.
(d) Esi is Fusena's superior in every way.

8. What does Esi wonder about concerning children?
(a) She wonders if children would strengthen or weaken her marriage with Ali.
(b) She wonders if Ali will allow her to have children.
(c) She wonders if Ali is going to make her have children.
(d) How they will have any if Ali is never there.

9. What does Esi say her mother does not like about Esi and Ali's possible marriage?
(a) Esi being a second wife.
(b) Esi keeping her job.
(c) Esi living in a different town from Ali.
(d) Esi getting pregnant anymore since the first pregnancy almost kills her.

10. What does Esi see through Ali's gifts?
(a) His inadequacies as a husband.
(b) The world.
(c) That he wants to please her but cannot.
(d) Another kind, caring side to Ali.

11. What does Ali ponder about New Year's Eve?
(a) If he should allow Fusena the divorce she wants.
(b) Whether more than one wife is wise.
(c) Which wife he will make love to.
(d) If he should divorce Esi before she gets pregnant.

12. Why does Esi feel rejected?
(a) Ali does not want her to come to the home he shares with Fusena.
(b) Ali says he will not visit her for a while at her house.
(c) Opokuya suggests it's time for Esi to go home.
(d) Ogyaanowa is happy to leave with her father.

13. Against what does Ali advise Esi?
(a) Pressing legal charges against Oko.
(b) Letting Ogyaanowa go off with Oko right now.
(c) Returning home for a few days.
(d) Telling Esi's mother about the incident between Ali and Oko.

14. What is the worst time of the year for Esi?
(a) Ali's birthday.
(b) The beginning of the school year when she does not have Ogyaanowa.
(c) The end of the year.
(d) Her birthday.

15. In what shape does Kubi find Oko?
(a) He is despondent.
(b) He has a broken hand.
(c) He has a cut lip.
(d) He is happy that he did not kill Ali.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Esi say about Fusena?

2. What does Esi do when she hears Ogyaanowa cry?

3. What does Ali say when Fusena asks if Esi is Muslim?

4. For what does Esi feel guilty?

5. What does Esi say her mother thinks concerning marrying Ali?

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