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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kubi point out to Oko?
(a) That he was in the wrong legally.
(b) That Ali was in the wrong legally.
(c) That he was right morally.
(d) That Esi has made her own choices.

2. What is one thing Esi's father asks Ali?
(a) If Ali expects children from Esi.
(b) If Ali has been faithful to his first wife except with Esi.
(c) If Ali can afford two wives.
(d) If his first wife knows of Ali's desire to marry Esi.

3. What happens when Opokuya's two eldest children are left in charge of cooking for the holiday?
(a) They cook an incredible amount of delicious food.
(b) They constantly interrupt Opokuya with questions.
(c) It does not go well.
(d) They refuse to do much.

4. What does Ali wonder about his ancestors?
(a) If New Year's Eve meant anything to them.
(b) Why the men wanted multiple wives.
(c) How the men managed multiple wives.
(d) If they were happy.

5. What does Esi propose she and Ali do as far as her family?
(a) Ignore their misgivings.
(b) Go visit them.
(c) Let them know about the marriage after the fact.
(d) Pretend Esi is not involved with Ali.

6. What happens when Opokuya drives off with Esi's old car?
(a) Esi cries.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Esi runs out after her.
(d) Esi worries it will break down.

7. Why does Fusena sometimes call Ali at Esi's house?
(a) To give him a message from his mother.
(b) To ask his advice about their son.
(c) To ask him to bring home groceries.
(d) If he is late getting home.

8. What does Fusena realize when Ali's female relatives visit her?
(a) That they have been unable to dissuade Ali from marriage to Esi.
(b) That they are betraying her.
(c) That they do not want Ali to marry again.
(d) That they want her to divorce Ali.

9. What does Esi do when she hears Ogyaanowa cry?
(a) Takes Ogyaanowa to her grandmother's home.
(b) Shames Oko and Ali into behaving.
(c) Tells her to go outside.
(d) Comes out of the bedroom and takes Ogyaanowa and drives off.

10. What does Ali say when Esi asks him if he has talked to Fusena about Esi?
(a) That Fusena wants a divorce.
(b) That Fusena does not want to share Ali.
(c) That Fusena was happy to be forewarned.
(d) That Fusena would welcome another wife.

11. How does Opokuya correct Esi about her view on monogamy?
(a) She says it is for the husband's benefit more than the wife.
(b) She says she thinks Esi means marriage, not mongamy.
(c) She says it is for the wife's benefit more than the husband.
(d) She says monogamy is not the issue.

12. What are Ama and Aba doing at the opening of this section?
(a) Preparing for Oko's wedding.
(b) Talking about Ali.
(c) Preparing for Esi's wedding.
(d) Discussing why men leave women.

13. What is the worst time of the year for Esi?
(a) The beginning of the school year when she does not have Ogyaanowa.
(b) Her birthday.
(c) The end of the year.
(d) Ali's birthday.

14. What traditional rule has been already broken concerning Ali and Esi according to Opokuya?
(a) The first wife has to approve of subsequent wives.
(b) Esi is wearing a ring.
(c) Esi is having sexual relations before marriage.
(d) Fusena is pregnant and Esi is supposed to be there helping her.

15. What does Ali give Esi for a New Year's present?
(a) A car.
(b) A gift certificate.
(c) A vacation to the United States.
(d) A promise to spend more time with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what shape does Kubi find Oko?

2. What does Esi say her mother thinks concerning marrying Ali?

3. Why is Esi feeling free and content?

4. What does Esi see through Ali's gifts?

5. What does Esi say about monogamy?

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