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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Ali always trained himself not to do?
(a) Get sexually attracted to a married woman.
(b) Be prepared for all contingencies.
(c) Have safe sex.
(d) Wake before the sun rises.

2. What does Fusena start feeling upset in her marriage?
(a) She has not managed to get pregnant.
(b) Her husband is getting more education than she.
(c) She wants to stay home with the kids but has to work.
(d) Her husband has married two more wifes.

3. Who watches Esi dress with pleasure?
(a) Esi herself in the mirror.
(b) No one.
(c) Oko.
(d) Ohyaanowa.

4. What visit did Opokuya make that is successful?
(a) To her mother's.
(b) To Connie.
(c) None.
(d) To the patient expecting to deliver that evening.

5. What happens when Musa Musa is twelve?
(a) He loses a goat and disappears.
(b) He breaks his back.
(c) He accidentally shoots his brother.
(d) He goes to boarding school.

6. What is the understanding when Ogyaanowa goes to her grandmother's house?
(a) She will live there until her father remarries.
(b) She will live there until Esi remarries.
(c) She will return home when school reopens.
(d) She can return home any time.

7. Where is Ogyaanowa staying until school starts?.
(a) At her aunt's house.
(b) At her grandmother's house.
(c) With her best friend traveling in Europe.
(d) With her father.

8. Who does Opokuya think has to be a fool in a marriage?
(a) No one.
(b) The woman.
(c) The role rotates between the woman and man.
(d) The man.

9. With what does Opokuya say society has no patience?
(a) Men who cheat.
(b) Divorced men.
(c) Single women.
(d) Women who want their own life even if they are married.

10. What doesn't Esi worry about concerning Ali?
(a) His other wife.
(b) That his job takes him places.
(c) His comings and goings.
(d) Nothing.

11. What does Esi end up doing when the secretary is away?
(a) Typing her own proposals.
(b) Calling around for a replacement.
(c) Secretarial work.
(d) Training a substitute.

12. Why does Opokuya say Esi cannot have it all?
(a) Only women who are very wealthy can have it all.
(b) No one can have it all.
(c) Only men who are rich can have it all.
(d) Society will not allow it.

13. What does Esi realize she has endured when she gets to her office?
(a) Too many years of silence from Oko.
(b) Several pregnancies.
(c) Sexism at work.
(d) Marital rape.

14. Why does Ali Kondey come into the hotel?
(a) To find Esi.
(b) For a business meeting with a client.
(c) To meet his son.
(d) To meet his wife.

15. Where do Ali and Fusena teach after graduation?
(a) College in Kumasi.
(b) Primary school in Tamale.
(c) High school in Accra.
(d) Primary school in Accra.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Esi refuse from Ali Kondey?

2. What does Musa's father always do at any new place with Musa Musa?

3. What does Esi's grandmother say about feeling grateful to a man?

4. Why does Esi think her decision about Ogyaanowa suits Esi?

5. What does Oko buy thinking it will be good for Esi and Ogyaanowa?

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