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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: Chapter 19 and 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the understanding when Ogyaanowa goes to her grandmother's house?
(a) She will live there until her father remarries.
(b) She will return home when school reopens.
(c) She will live there until Esi remarries.
(d) She can return home any time.

2. Against what does Ali advise Esi?
(a) Telling Esi's mother about the incident between Ali and Oko.
(b) Letting Ogyaanowa go off with Oko right now.
(c) Pressing legal charges against Oko.
(d) Returning home for a few days.

3. What does Ali continually do to Esi?
(a) Makes excuses about why he cannot visit her.
(b) Puts her down.
(c) Tells her he's coming and then not show up.
(d) Makes her feel like a second wife.

4. Why is Ohyaanowa unhappy?
(a) She wants to go to the mall but is not allowed.
(b) She hears her parents fighting.
(c) She was embarrassed at school that day.
(d) She and her girlfriend had a fight.

5. Who begins banging on Esi's door?
(a) Ogyaanowa.
(b) Fusena.
(c) Oko.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what do Opokuya and Kubi argue every morning?

2. How does Esi find Oko's attentions?

3. Why does Ali Kondey come into the hotel?

4. What does Esi realize about her job?

5. How does Oko's mother act to Esi when Esi and Oko's marriage ends?

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