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Tour Guide Brochure

Write a brochure for tourists who want to visit Ghana. Show some of the major attractions in the country, concentrating particularly on Accra, the setting for most of Changes: A Love Story. Include a map showing the places that are important in the story.

Ghanaian Food

Research the foods commonly eaten in Ghana and prepare one dish to share with the class. Create a poster showing the main foods of Ghana.

Interview the Author

Create a list of questions for Ama Ata Aidoo and mail them to her. Prepare your own answers to the questions after researching Aidoo, guessing how she would answer your questions.


Read another book (poetry, drama or short stories) by Ama Ata Aidoo and compare it to Changes: A Love Story. Some books to consider: The Eagle and the Chicken; No Sweetness Here: A Collection of Short Stories; Birds and...

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