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Section 1: Chapters 1 and 2

• Esi has to fill in for an absent secretary, for which she is angry.

• At the Linga Hideaways, Esi meets Ali Kondey, who introduces himself and offers to help her.

• Ali sees his encounter with Esi as a gift from Allah and wants to see her again.

• Oko and Esi fight early one morning; each thinking of how unsatisfied they are with their spouse.

• Oko thinks about advise he has heard about women and decides he has shown Esi too much love with little in return from her.
• Oko thinks Esi puts her career above her duties as a wife and is respected by her colleagues, but Oko's friends laugh at him and claim he is not behaving as a man.

• After Oko and Esi argue about their friends and her job, he pulls her down and rapes her, for which he feels he should...

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