Chanel and Her World Short Essay - Answer Key

Edmonde Charles-Roux
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1. What does Charles-Roux explain Chanel strove for her whole life to conceal?

Charles-Roux explains that Chanel strove for her whole life to conceal the circumstances of her birth. The fact that she was born to unwed parents was a great embarrassment to Chanel.

2. Because of her mother's death, what happened in Chanel's life?

Chanel's mother died when she was still very young. In the first week following her mother's death Chanel's father abandoned his daughter and she was taken to live at an orphanage.

3. Where did Chanel go after leaving the convent?

Chanel felt the need to escape the convent she was living at. When she was given a chance, Chanel left the convent and began working for a small shopkeeper in Moulins.

4. Who was Etienne Balsan?

Etienne Balsan was a wealthy horse breeder and equestrian whom Chanel met at the age of twenty-five. Balsan was known for keeping alluring and fashionable mistresses.

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