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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Old Grandma tell Auntie Tayo needs?

2. What does Tayo do when Emo will not leave him alone at the bar?

3. What does Tayo say when Leroy offers him a drink while in the truck?

4. What does Tayo say an Indian should avoid in Gallup?

5. In what three colors does the medicine man paint paw prints next to bear footprints?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tayo watch his friends do from a boulder above them?

2. What kind of Indian is Tayo and what are his earliest memories of his mother?

3. Where does Tayo end up finding the cattle again with the man’s help?

4. Who are the family members who are kind to Tayo?

5. What does Tayo do when his friends leave in the morning what does he come to realize?

6. How does Tayo and Rocky end up in the military and how do they end up stationed together?

7. Where are Tayo and Rocky sent, what kind of problem does Tayo have there and what does Rocky do to try and help Tayo?

8. What does Ku'oosh say to Tayo after Tayo talks to Ku'oosh and what does Ku'oosh leave Tayo? What is Tayo’s response?

9. What does Tayo tell Ku'oosh about the war and about the drought?

10. How does Tayo free the cattle and what kind of animal does he see when he is freeing the cattle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Betonie tells Tayo that saying that the white people are to blame is too simple, but change has occurred and Tayo must learn to adapt to it.

Discuss, in depth, the reasons you think Tayo might blame white people for his problems. Use examples from Ceremony to support your response.

Essay Topic 2

The world of the battlefield was the most hostile and threatening of all the experiences in his life. Some men seem to survive these horrors while moving on and making lives for themselves, while others are emotionally unable to cope, and Tayo was one of the latter.

How do you think Tayo’s early life might have affected his response to the battle field? Why might his reactions to battle be considered a weakness to some people? Why are his reactions not a weakness? Use examples from Ceremony to support your response.

Essay Topic 3

One medicine man also talks about the fragility of the world, something that Tayo understands intimately. He knows all too well how difficult it is to maintain balance in a hostile, chaotic world.

Why do you think Tayo sees the world as hostile and chaotic and what do you think Tayo means by balance? Use examples from Ceremony to support your response.

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