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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tayo’s mother doing before he is born that his Auntie sees?

2. Why was Betonie’s grandmother thrown out of her village when she was born?

3. What is the main thing wrong with white people, according to the creation legend?

4. What does Auntie tell Tayo and Old Grandma is the way that Pinkie dies?

5. Who told Sun Man how to win the clouds back from the Gambler?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tayo do when his friends leave in the morning what does he come to realize?

2. What does Ku'oosh talk to Tayo about?

3. Why does Tayo feel guilty about Josiah?

4. What does Tayo tell Ku'oosh about the war and about the drought?

5. Of what does Tayo dream as he and Robert prepare for winter? What does Tayo decide to do because of the dreams?

6. How is Tayo treated as a child by the village?

7. Where are Tayo and Rocky sent, what kind of problem does Tayo have there and what does Rocky do to try and help Tayo?

8. Why does Tayo attack Emo?

9. What does Tayo remember about Josiah and Night Swan?

10. What does Tayo watch his friends do from a boulder above them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a contrast drawn between Native American spirituality and Christianity, and Christianity doesn't come off very well. Auntie is the only character in the story who represents the white man's religion, and her whole existence is focused on the reputation of the family.

Discuss the reasons the above statement may or may not be valid using illustrations from Auntie’s behavior that is derived from her religion and examples of the medicine man’s behavior that is derived from his spiritual beliefs.

Essay Topic 2

Characters are an integral and important part of almost all novels.

Compare/contrast the characters of Tayo and Auntie. How are they similar? How are they different? Is there a flaw in each of their personalities? Be specific and give examples. Compare/contrast the characters of Josiah and Emo. How do they seem different? Which do you like more? Why? Which one seems more of a well-rounded character?

Essay Topic 3

In the various sexual encounters in the story, we see that Indian attitudes about morality and behavior that are different from that of the white culture.

Compare and contrast the differences between Indian and white culture’s attitudes towards morality and behavior. Use examples from Ceremony to support your response.

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