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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Harley tell Leroy to take Tayo for a cure?
(a) The Red Rooster
(b) The VA hospital
(c) The medicine man
(d) The cold Coors hospital

2. What does Tayo find out about cigarette butts when he is a toddler?
(a) He would vomit if he ate them
(b) They could be hot
(c) They would come apart if he tugged on them
(d) They came in different colors

3. What does Harley say he traded for the truck he is driving?
(a) Nothing, he does not mention a trade
(b) His army medals and fifty dollars
(c) The land that was stolen from the Indians
(d) His grandfather’s ceremonial dress

4. How does Harley get to a bar once when he had been sent to the far reaches of the reservation?
(a) Road a cow
(b) Hotwired a tractor and took it
(c) Hitchhiked
(d) Rode a unicycle he found in the dump

5. Why do the two cowboys chasing Tayo leave not take him back to their boss?
(a) They are too far from the main house
(b) They see that his bill of sale is legitimate
(c) They have to find some missing cattle
(d) They find some mountain lion tracks

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the woman Josiah visits called when she was a dancer?

2. Why does Josiah send Tayo with a note to Josiah’s mistress?

3. Where do Josiah and Tayo fill up their water barrels?

4. For what is Reed Woman scolded by her sister?

5. How does the Japanese soldier kill Rocky?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rocky end up dead?

2. What does Betonie show Tayo about his illness and how it is related to white people?

3. What does Tayo find out when he returns to his family?

4. What does Betonie tell Tayo about change and trust?

5. Who are the family members who are kind to Tayo?

6. What does Ku'oosh say to Tayo after Tayo talks to Ku'oosh and what does Ku'oosh leave Tayo? What is Tayo’s response?

7. How do Josiah and the boys learn about cattle care?

8. Who is Night Swan and how does she know Josiah?

9. What happens when Tayo is knocked unconscious and then wakes?

10. How does a woman help Tayo find the cattle?

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