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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tayo do when Emo keeps talking about killing Japanese?
(a) He knifes Emo in the arm
(b) He jumps up and calls Emo a killer
(c) He smashes a beer bottle over Emo’s head
(d) He leaves the bar

2. With what were the walls of the Ts’eh’s cabin plastered?
(a) Red Clay
(b) Black porcelain mud
(c) Gray mud
(d) Joint compound

3. What does Tayo say one has to know in order to get to the moon?
(a) How to speak the man in the moon's language
(b) The directions there
(c) How many ways there are of arriving there
(d) If one really wants to get there

4. What does Josiah tell Tayo the frogs do during a drought?
(a) Die out
(b) Bury in the sand at the bottom of a dry pool
(c) Move into the caves
(d) Migrate into the forests

5. To what tribe do the two Indians belong who get coins from Tayo when he and Robert are on the bridge?
(a) Navajos
(b) Lagunas
(c) Zunis
(d) Hopis

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the woman with reddish hair do when white men come to harass the women at the arroyo?

2. Where does Harley tell Leroy to take Tayo for a cure?

3. How many years has it been dry since Tayo prayed the rain away?

4. Why was Betonie’s grandmother thrown out of her village when she was born?

5. Why are some of the cattles’ necks scraped?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tayo do when his friends leave in the morning what does he come to realize?

2. How does Robert begin to break through to Tayo and why might Robert be a good person to talk to his nephew?

3. What happens to Tayo after he attacks Emo?

4. How does Rocky end up dead?

5. Why does Tayo feel guilty about Josiah?

6. What does Josiah tell Tayo about the spring and how does Tayo feel about the story?

7. Why do the two ranch hands leave Tayo alone?

8. Where does Tayo spend the night on the day he finds the cattle and who does he see when he wakes?

9. How is Tayo when the war is over?

10. What happens with Tayo when he first gets back home and where does he stay?

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