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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ceremony.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the sergeant from Isleta get a bronze star in the war?
(a) For infiltrating enemy lines and killing a Japanese general
(b) For blowing up a Japanese torpedo boat
(c) For destroying a bunker full of Japanese
(d) For saving the company commander

2. What was the blond girl on the calendar in the store holding in her hand?
(a) Two white doves
(b) A guitar
(c) A Mars bar
(d) A bottle of Coca Cola

3. Why was Betonie’s grandmother thrown out of her village when she was born?
(a) She is born on a double full moon
(b) She is born with a caul
(c) She has hazel eyes
(d) Her mother has no pain when she is born

4. What do the old singers send to Descheeny?
(a) Bottles of liquor
(b) Boxes of tobacco
(c) Any animal who is injured
(d) Patients they cannot cure

5. What animal does Tayo see as he is laying in the pine needles where he fell while looking for the cattle inside the fence?
(a) Wolf
(b) Coyote
(c) Deer
(d) Mountain lion

Short Answer Questions

1. From where is the bartender who waits on Tayo and his friends?

2. What did the children call Tayo’s eyes when he was growing up?

3. What does the medicine man do when Tayo wakes and the medicine man sits down with Tayo?

4. What does Auntie tell Tayo and Old Grandma is the way that Pinkie dies?

5. In May where does Tayo tell his family he is going to go?

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