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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author believes that Louis XIV creates a welfare state and ruins what?
(a) The domestic economy.
(b) The domestic product.
(c) The international trade of silk.
(d) The international market.

2. The author believes that society today is headed toward what?
(a) Totalitarianism.
(b) Fascism.
(c) Guild socialism.
(d) Dictatorship.

3. What does the author believe is the basis for a mixed economy?
(a) Businesses.
(b) Regulation.
(c) Individuals.
(d) Compromise.

4. When there is a conflict among groups that do not have the same principles, which does the author predict will win?
(a) The entity that has society's good as a purpose.
(b) The more evil or irrational entity.
(c) The most rational entity.
(d) The entity with the most power.

5. Who does the author feel is the biggest loser in the foreign-aid program?
(a) The underdeveloped nations.
(b) Britain.
(c) The semi-developed nations.
(d) The U.S.

Short Answer Questions

1. In response to the claim that the superiority of communism is scientifically proven, the American answer is that the U.S. system is based on what?

2. Who are the second scapegoats in a statist society, according to the author?

3. According to the author, many less-developed countries feel ______ by capitalism.

4. Who is Louis XIV's chief adviser?

5. Who visits the United States and declares that the superiority of communism is scientifically proven?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reason, according to the author, that capitalism is having trouble sustaining itself?

2. Who comes and helps the students protest in Berkeley in 1964?

3. What does the pope's encyclical say about work?

4. What does the existence of the draft mean for countries and politicians?

5. From what belief do foreign-aid programs stem?

6. Why, according to the author, do many less-developed countries hate the U.S.?

7. What brings about an intellectual movement's collapse?

8. What do the French businessmen say is the best thing the king could do for them?

9. In the "Is Atlas Shrugging?" chapter, the author asks what question about the novel "Atlas Shrugged"?

10. What meaning does the author give to the idea that public interest supersedes private interests and rights?

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