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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what type of system is property privately owned but controlled by the government?
(a) Fascism.
(b) Regulatorism.
(c) Dictatorship.
(d) Oligarchies.

2. Who is Erich Fromm?
(a) A psychologist and author.
(b) A mediator and author.
(c) A lawyer and author.
(d) A sociologist and author.

3. What does "laissez-nous faire" mean in English?
(a) Leave us with ourselves.
(b) Don't meddle with us.
(c) Help us succeed.
(d) Leave us alone.

4. Fromm believes that the feeling of being separate causes what?
(a) Anxiety.
(b) Completeness.
(c) Security.
(d) Fear.

5. Governor Romney says we do not have a system of capitalism but of what?
(a) Retaliation.
(b) Regulation.
(c) Protectionism.
(d) Consumerism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes the concept of alienation and applies it to the worker?

2. What do liberals and conservatives, according to the author, agree that there is a fight to save?

3. According to the author, smears fall into the category known as what?

4. The author believes that society today is headed toward what?

5. Who writes an encyclical that expresses contempt for capitalism?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why, according to the author, do many less-developed countries hate the U.S.?

2. How does Fromm characterize man's alienation?

3. How is property dealt with in fascism?

4. How does the author see the conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans in America?

5. What does taxation do to the marketplace?

6. Who comes and helps the students protest in Berkeley in 1964?

7. From what belief do foreign-aid programs stem?

8. What does the existence of the draft mean for countries and politicians?

9. What does the pope's encyclical say motivates capitalism?

10. In the "Is Atlas Shrugging?" chapter, the author asks what question about the novel "Atlas Shrugged"?

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