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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author believes that businessmen take the blame for what?
(a) Capitalism.
(b) Depressions.
(c) Recessions.
(d) Government actions.

2. The Aluminum Company of America is a monopoly in the sense that it has control over what?
(a) Its independence.
(b) Its suppliers.
(c) Its price.
(d) Its sellers.

3. How are the railroads subsidized?
(a) Tax deductions.
(b) Land grants.
(c) Payments.
(d) Research-and-development deductions.

4. One cost of union negotiated wages, according to the author, is what?
(a) Full employment.
(b) Mobility of employment.
(c) Investment in employment.
(d) Unemployment.

5. The results of intellectual property may be ______, but the intellectual property itself may not be.
(a) Retained.
(b) Reclaimed.
(c) Transferred.
(d) Discovered.

6. What is the name that the nobility, and the king, use to describe people who are considered property?
(a) Chartered.
(b) Chattel.
(c) Chargrin.
(d) Cattle.

7. What is one function of money?
(a) A means of saving.
(b) A means of accounting.
(c) A means of processing.
(d) A means of wealth.

8. According to Rand, what must the individual be willing to do in a capitalist society?
(a) Sacrifice for the government.
(b) Sacrifice for money.
(c) Sacrifice for the common good.
(d) Sacrifice for monopolies.

9. A fear of _______ leads to the passage of the first antitrust laws.
(a) Monopolies.
(b) Conglomerates.
(c) Trusts.
(d) Oligarchies.

10. Who is the author of this book?
(a) Alena Rand.
(b) Annabelle Rand.
(c) Ayn Rand.
(d) Anna Rand.

11. During the Industrial Revolution, how do women earn income?
(a) By working from home.
(b) In the factories.
(c) In the streets.
(d) In the brothels.

12. Money functions as a __________ in transactions.
(a) Easy standard.
(b) National linkage.
(c) Common denominator.
(d) Similar currency.

13. What chapter does Nathaniel Branden write?
(a) "Monopolies and Trade."
(b) "Antitrust."
(c) "Common Truths About Capitalism."
(d) "Common Fallacies About Capitalism."

14. What is the abbreviation for the Aluminum Company of America?
(a) ACOA.
(b) ALCOA.
(d) ALCA.

15. According to the author, what kind of governments use weapons against their own people?
(a) Democracies.
(b) Dictatorships.
(c) Communists.
(d) Republics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does statism survive on, according to the author?

2. Who is the author of the antitrust chapter?

3. According to Rand, capitalism is based on what?

4. What does the author believe brought the world out of feudalism?

5. What is the name of the theory that states that good is embodied in various actions regardless of benefits and consequences?

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