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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Gold and Economic Freedom.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The existence of money allows people to avoid the problems of ______.
(a) Savings.
(b) Interest.
(c) Barter.
(d) Credit.

2. What is the name that the nobility, and the king, use to describe people who are considered property?
(a) Chattel.
(b) Chargrin.
(c) Cattle.
(d) Chartered.

3. One cost of union negotiated wages, according to the author, is what?
(a) Mobility of employment.
(b) Investment in employment.
(c) Unemployment.
(d) Full employment.

4. What do political economists assume that man is working for?
(a) The betterment of himelf.
(b) The betterment of his situation.
(c) The good of his family.
(d) The good of society.

5. Branden says that, according to the statists, depressions are part of what?
(a) Laissez-faire capitalism.
(b) Government-controlled systems.
(c) Economic cycles.
(d) Free-market enterprises.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author believes that as long as capital can flow freely, it will flow where?

2. What is one of the keystones of capitalism?

3. Who does the author say would earn more money than Einstein?

4. What is one of the negatives that political power uses?

5. When does the gold standard cease to exist?

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