Daily Lessons for Teaching Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal

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Lesson 1 (from What is Capitalism?)


This chapter focuses on two different interpretations, or theories, of man. This lesson will help students define these theories of man and how they apply to capitalism.


1. Writing activity: When the students come into the classroom, have them write a journal entry that answers the following question: What does the author believe man is? When the students have finished writing their answers, choose some students to share their answers and discuss them.

2. Small-group activity: Tell the students that Rand presents two different theories of man. One theory is based on the individual and one is based on the tribe. Have small groups come up with what the two theories are, and include page numbers from which they get their information. Then share these theories with the class.

3. Class discussion: Which theory of man seems to be the way Americans see man? The tribal theory? The...

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