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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brennan elude the men chasing him?

2. What does Brennan tell Homesley when Homesley guesses Brennan found some information?

3. What does Brennan feel the first time he listens to classical music at Mr. Homesley's house?

4. About what time in the morning does Brennan finally find the report about Coyote Runs?

5. In what does Brennan carry the skull to Dr. Tibbets?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Homesley say about the second source of information?

2. What reason comes to Brennan when he thinks about keeping the skull?

3. What was in a letter from a school Brennan finds?

4. In Chapter 12, describe what Brennan is thinking when he contemplates the bullet hole in the skull.

5. What does Brennan learn about the probable age of the person to whom the skull belongs?

6. With what does Brennan become obsessed and what starts happening to him?

7. What dream did Brennan have in Chapter 11 about an eagle?

8. Why does Brennan think the skull belonged to a young person?

9. Where does Brennan hide the skull in his house?

10. What does the commander answer in response to the letter in question #49? What does Brennan conclude from this report?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Brennan is embarrassed when Mr. Homesley singles him out and asks him to search for a beetle in the grass. He always feels awkward and shy at school and feels he does not fit in well with the other students.

1. What do you think a student should do if she/he doesn't fit into the crowd at school? Use examples from Canyons and your life to support your answer.

2. What do you think makes a student stick out from others? Use examples from Canyons and your life to support your answer.

3. Why do you think children tend to pick on another who is different?

Essay Topic 2

Brennan returns home from the camping trip and finds himself obsessed with the skull. Brennan has many dreams that are not of experiences he has ever had, making Brennan wonder if perhaps there is some kind of connection between him and the skull.

1. There seems to be an implication here that the dead can talk to the living in dreams. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not?

2. Do you think Brennan's reaction to the skull and the dreams is the way most 15-year-old boys would react? Why or why not?

3. Do you think Brennan's reaction to the skull and dreams is reasonable and believable? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Coyote Runs is shot and killed by a white soldier who jokes as he shoots a fourteen-year-old boy in the head. Discuss the following:

1. How do the circumstances demonstrate the tendency of people to dehumanize an enemy? Use examples from Canyons and from other sources to support your answer.

2. Describe ways in which prejudice contributed to Coyote Runs' death.

3. Discuss the ways in which Coyote Runs thoughts demonstrated his prejudice against white people.

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