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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amelia Gephart ask the commanding officer to tell her?
(a) If he was an adult.
(b) If he actually had a gun.
(c) In what canyon was the body buried.
(d) If Coyote Runs was killed and where.

2. Why does Brennan stay on the road when running near Fort Bliss?
(a) To avoid snakes.
(b) So he wouldn't get caught in deep sand.
(c) In case a car came near and would pick him up.
(d) To avoid unexploded artillery.

3. Why does Brennan think a fire would be nice?
(a) So he could pretend he is camping.
(b) The air iss cold and the dew damp.
(c) To keep away the animals.
(d) So he could see.

4. What does Brennan's mother say when the men tell Brennan about his mother's concern?
(a) They could leave now.
(b) She takes back the complaint.
(c) She didn't know what was going on.
(d) She could see he was fine.

5. What is Mr. Homesley's first thought when Brennan tells him about the skull?
(a) He should return it to the canyon.
(b) He should keep it.
(c) He should call the police.
(d) He should donate it to a museum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the place in question #121?

2. What kind of body does Mr. Homesley have?

3. What is the first reason Brennan gives his mother for not telling her about the skull?

4. What does Brennan remember about a man who was shot in the head in Vietnam and the man's face when it happened?

5. What does Mr. Homesley tell Brennan about beetles?

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