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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will Coyote Runs be when he and the warriors return home?
(a) A warrior.
(b) A chief.
(c) A man.
(d) The last step before a man.

2. What does Brennan like to talk about while working?
(a) He talks about school.
(b) He talks about his mother.
(c) He just likes to stay quiet and think.
(d) He talks about his father.

3. What does Brennan hear after he picks up the skull?
(a) A horse running.
(b) Mountain lions.
(c) A voice in his head.
(d) A coyote howling.

4. What did Bill say to Brennan's mother about what the spot by the springs looked like?
(a) A secret garden.
(b) Grace in the the desert.
(c) A calendar picture.
(d) A different universe.

5. Who ran the school Coyote Runs attended?
(a) A Quaker lady.
(b) A Catholic Priest.
(c) A School teacher from the east.
(d) The Indian Council.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ethnicity are the ranchers the party raided?

2. Where does Coyote Runs try to hide from the soldiers?

3. What did the Mexicans call the desert near where Coyote Runs live?

4. What does Brennan tell his mother is the only way to get the kids to sleep?

5. What does Coyote Runs hope to do when he gets home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Coyote Runs believe about him and bullets and what does he do after catching up with the rest of the raiding party?

2. What does Bill tell the children about and what is the name of the canyon near them that relates to his story?

3. Why does Brennan work and for whom does he work?

4. What does Brennan hear and what does he do with the skull?

5. What happens to the group of warriors the day after the raid?

6. How hard is Brennan's job and what does his boss talk about?

7. How close is Brennan and his father and what happens that hurts his mother?

8. Where does Brennan's mother tell him they are going and with whom?

9. Why is Brennan annoyed while riding in the van? How does he feel about being there?

10. What horse is Coyote Runs riding after the raid and what are his hopes concerning it?

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