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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brennan decide he has to do with the skull?
(a) Give it to Dr. Tibbets.
(b) Give it to a museum.
(c) Take it to the Apache reservation.
(d) Follow the instructions in the dream.

2. How do the men with Brennan's mother sound about Brennan running there in a day and a night?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Impressed.
(c) Curious.
(d) Skeptical.

3. What kind of officials are standing with Brennan's mother?
(a) Two sheriffs.
(b) Two highway patroll officers.
(c) A National Forest Ranger.
(d) A city policeman.

4. To what did Brennan's activities with Mr. Homeley lead?
(a) Brennan building an ant farm at home.
(b) Brennan deciding to study entomology.
(c) A friendship of sorts.
(d) Brennan joining the science club.

5. What does Amelia Gephart ask the commanding officer to tell her?
(a) If he was an adult.
(b) If he actually had a gun.
(c) In what canyon was the body buried.
(d) If Coyote Runs was killed and where.

6. What does Brennan think is the nationality of the soldiers who chased Coyote Runs?
(a) British.
(b) Swedish.
(c) Irish.
(d) Scottish.

7. Why does Mr. Homesley have Brennan bring a beetle to him everyday?
(a) To help rid the world of beetles.
(b) To see how many different ones he could find.
(c) So they could discuss it.
(d) To feed the ants in the ant farm.

8. How does Brennan think he will be able to run in the desert?
(a) He will have to hitchhike.
(b) He will take it very slow.
(c) Coyote Runs will help him.
(d) He has run close to that distance before.

9. What does Brennan ask Mr. Homesley to do?
(a) Take him up to the canyons.
(b) Take him home. Call Brennan's mother.
(c) Call the police.
(d) Thank Doctor Tibbetts.

10. Why does Brennan think he will be able to get across the desert?
(a) He has run in the desert many times.
(b) He doesn't know if he can get across it.
(c) He believes Coyote Runs will help him.
(d) He will move only at night.

11. Where does Brennan meet Dr. Tibbets?
(a) At Tibbets' home.
(b) At Mr. Homesley's home.
(c) At a local restaurant.
(d) At the morgue.

12. Where do Mr. Homesley and Brennan take the skull?
(a) To the school.
(b) To the morgue.
(c) To the police station.
(d) To the library.

13. What does Brennan wish about Mr. Homesley?
(a) That he was single.
(b) That he wasn't leaving the area.
(c) That his mother had married Homesley and he was Brennan's father.
(d) That he was Brennan's age.

14. In what does Brennan carry the skull to Dr. Tibbets?
(a) A tennis shoe box.
(b) It was wrapped in a towel.
(c) His backpack.
(d) His mother's hat box.

15. From what band of Apaches was Coyote Runs?
(a) Horse Mesa band.
(b) Table Mesa band.
(c) Canyon Mesa band.
(d) Swift Run bank

Short Answer Questions

1. What interferes with Brennan's time with Mr. Homesley during the summer?

2. What does Brennan do when the men jump at him?

3. Where does Brennan leave Coyote Runs' skull?

4. What does the voice in Brennan's head tell him about snakes?

5. What does Brennan assume about the skull that Mr. Homesley says is not necessarily true?

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