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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brennan feel the first time he listens to classical music at Mr. Homesley's house?
(a) That the music had sunk into him.
(b) That is was boring.
(c) That the Homesleys had wasted a lot of money on their music.
(d) That he liked Pink Floyd better.

2. Who does Brennan decide to ask to learn more about the skull?
(a) His mother.
(b) Mr. Homesley.
(c) Stony.
(d) Bill.

3. What is the size of the bullet hole in the forehead of the skull?
(a) About the size of a green pea.
(b) About the size of his thumbprint.
(c) About the size of his palm.
(d) About half the size of his palm.

4. What does Mr. Homesley do in the military?
(a) Military historian.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Medic in Vietnam.
(d) Lab technician.

5. What does Brennan think about the commanding officer's reply to Mrs. Gebhart?
(a) He is involed with Mrs. Gephart.
(b) He is lying.
(c) He is a decent man.
(d) He helps Indians.

6. What do the soldiers have to do sometimes to drink?
(a) Cut cacti.
(b) Dig a well.
(c) Cut the veins on their horses and drink the blood.
(d) Use a water wagon.

7. Where does Brennan meet Dr. Tibbets?
(a) At a local restaurant.
(b) At Mr. Homesley's home.
(c) At Tibbets' home.
(d) At the morgue.

8. Where did Brennan run Saturday morning Chapter 12?
(a) To his mother's work.
(b) The road around the mountain overlooking El Paso.
(c) Around his neighborhood.
(d) On the school track.

9. What does Dr. Tibbets look like?
(a) He is tall and thin.
(b) He is short and stocky.
(c) He is quite fat.
(d) He is short and thin.

10. What is Brennan's mother wearing?
(a) Her work clothes.
(b) Tan pants and Bill's jacket.
(c) Shorts and a T-shirt.
(d) Jeans and one of his jackets.

11. What saying keeps running through Brennan's head?
(a) I am a man.
(b) Mercy, please.
(c) Take me, spirit.
(d) Take me home.

12. How does Brennan think he will be able to run in the desert?
(a) He will have to hitchhike.
(b) He will take it very slow.
(c) Coyote Runs will help him.
(d) He has run close to that distance before.

13. What does Brennan find in the sky to help him?
(a) The Big Dipper and North Star.
(b) Orion the Hunter.
(c) The Southern Cross.
(d) The moon.

14. Why does Tibbets say it is a good bet the skull was killed by soldiers?
(a) They used large bore rifles.
(b) Ranchers used pistols.
(c) They were the only people with rifles.
(d) They routinely executed prisoners.

15. Why does Brennan think a fire would be nice?
(a) So he could see.
(b) The air iss cold and the dew damp.
(c) To keep away the animals.
(d) So he could pretend he is camping.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the men with Brennan's mother sound about Brennan running there in a day and a night?

2. What do the soldiers report occurred before Coyote Runs was killed?

3. What kind of officials are standing with Brennan's mother?

4. What is Brennan feeling while waiting for information from Homesley's friend?

5. How many rounds of ammunition is each soldier given on patrol?

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