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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brennan hear in the distance?
(a) Nothing, the desert was silent.
(b) Small animals scurrying in the mesquite bushes.
(c) Owls hooting.
(d) Cars going down the highway.

2. How does Brennan leave his house?
(a) Through the front door.
(b) Through the back door.
(c) Through the garage.
(d) Through a window.

3. What kind of officials are standing with Brennan's mother?
(a) A city policeman.
(b) A National Forest Ranger.
(c) Two highway patroll officers.
(d) Two sheriffs.

4. Why do the newspapers in the boxes look old to Brennan?
(a) The newspapers crumbled.
(b) They had small insect holes in them.
(c) The print was uneven and the headlines were from past events.
(d) The newspapers were yellow.

5. How many rounds of ammunition is each soldier given on patrol?
(a) Ten.
(b) Thirty.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Twenty.

6. What saying keeps running through Brennan's head?
(a) Take me, spirit.
(b) I am a man.
(c) Take me home.
(d) Mercy, please.

7. What does the voice in Brennan's head tell him about snakes?
(a) He could push a stick ahead of him in the sand.
(b) Night is when the snakes hunted.
(c) There were no snakes in that part of the desert.
(d) They did not move at night.

8. What does Brennan wish about Mr. Homesley?
(a) That he was single.
(b) That his mother had married Homesley and he was Brennan's father.
(c) That he wasn't leaving the area.
(d) That he was Brennan's age.

9. How far is it to the canyon where Brennan finds the skull?
(a) Forty miles.
(b) Fifty to sixty miles.
(c) Fifteen miles.
(d) Thirty miles.

10. Why does Brennan think he will be able to get across the desert?
(a) He doesn't know if he can get across it.
(b) He believes Coyote Runs will help him.
(c) He will move only at night.
(d) He has run in the desert many times.

11. Why does Mr. Homesley have Brennan bring a beetle to him everyday?
(a) To help rid the world of beetles.
(b) To feed the ants in the ant farm.
(c) To see how many different ones he could find.
(d) So they could discuss it.

12. What does Brennan see when he came up to his home after leaving Mr. Homesley?
(a) His boss's truck at his house.
(b) A couple of kids from school looking at him.
(c) Bill's car parked out front.
(d) Police cars in front of his house.

13. What does Brennan change as the result of Mr. Homesley's interest in him?
(a) The amount of time he spent running.
(b) His study habits and grades.
(c) How often he skipped school.
(d) His opinion of his mother.

14. What is the size of the bullet hole in the forehead of the skull?
(a) About half the size of his palm.
(b) About the size of his thumbprint.
(c) About the size of a green pea.
(d) About the size of his palm.

15. What does Brennan wonder about the age of the person to whom the skull belonged?
(a) If it was a child.
(b) If it was someone his own age.
(c) If it was an adult.
(d) If it can be determined what the age of the person was.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brennan elude the men chasing him?

2. With what is Brennan obsessed with by Chapter 11?

3. What is Mr. Homesley's first thought when Brennan tells him about the skull?

4. What is the first reason Brennan gives his mother for not telling her about the skull?

5. How does Brennan see where he is going when night falls?

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