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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Homesley say about God and beetles?
(a) God was nice to provide food for the ants.
(b) Maybe God created earth for the beetles.
(c) God must really like beetles.
(d) Maybe God looks like a beetle.

2. How does Brennan think he will be able to run in the desert?
(a) Coyote Runs will help him.
(b) He will have to hitchhike.
(c) He has run close to that distance before.
(d) He will take it very slow.

3. Why does Brennan think he will be able to get across the desert?
(a) He will move only at night.
(b) He has run in the desert many times.
(c) He doesn't know if he can get across it.
(d) He believes Coyote Runs will help him.

4. What does Brennan change as the result of Mr. Homesley's interest in him?
(a) How often he skipped school.
(b) His study habits and grades.
(c) The amount of time he spent running.
(d) His opinion of his mother.

5. What does Mr. Homesley convince Brennan to do with him at the school?
(a) Build a model of a beetle colony.
(b) Study the history of beetles.
(c) Look in the grass for a beetle.
(d) Dissect a beetle.

6. How do the men with Brennan's mother sound about Brennan running there in a day and a night?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Impressed.
(c) Skeptical.
(d) Curious.

7. What does Brennan see when he came up to his home after leaving Mr. Homesley?
(a) A couple of kids from school looking at him.
(b) His boss's truck at his house.
(c) Bill's car parked out front.
(d) Police cars in front of his house.

8. What does Brennan ask Mr. Homesley to do?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Take him up to the canyons.
(c) Take him home. Call Brennan's mother.
(d) Thank Doctor Tibbetts.

9. What kind of environmental conditions d0 patrol reports write about?
(a) Cold and rainy.
(b) Dust and heat.
(c) Hot and wet.
(d) Cool and dry.

10. What does Brennan use for cover when he approaches the canyon?
(a) The dark of the night.
(b) He hid behind boulders.
(c) He ran in a crouch.
(d) Dunes and brush.

11. What does Brennan think about the commanding officer's reply to Mrs. Gebhart?
(a) He is a decent man.
(b) He helps Indians.
(c) He is involed with Mrs. Gephart.
(d) He is lying.

12. About what time in the morning does Brennan finally find the report about Coyote Runs?
(a) About one in the morning.
(b) About two in the morning.
(c) About three in the morning.
(d) About four in the morning.

13. Why hasn't Brennan called the police or told his mother about the skull?
(a) He doesn't want his mother to punish him.
(b) When he tries there is too much pressure in his head.
(c) He thinks it is cool to have a skull.
(d) He is afraid he broke the law.

14. What is the first reason Brennan gives his mother for not telling her about the skull?
(a) All the kids were there.
(b) He forgot about it.
(c) He didn't think it was any of her business.
(d) He was afraid she would faint.

15. In what direction does Brennan go when he leaves his home?
(a) East.
(b) West.
(c) South.
(d) North.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Brennan leave Coyote Runs' skull?

2. In what does Brennan carry the skull to Dr. Tibbets?

3. Why does Brennan think a fire would be nice?

4. What does Brennan's mother say when the men tell Brennan about his mother's concern?

5. What does Brennan feel the first time he listens to classical music at Mr. Homesley's house?

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