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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Coyote Runs almost do after the raid?
(a) Shoot one of the warriors.
(b) Run a horse into a prairie dog hole.
(c) Lose the lead rope he is holding.
(d) Drive the horses in the wrong direction.

2. What does the soldier who shoots Coyote Runs do as he pulls the trigger?
(a) Closes his eyes.
(b) Jokes with his companions.
(c) Prays for him.
(d) Lectures him on stealing.

3. Where is a gun pressed against Coyote Runs?
(a) His head.
(b) His stomach.
(c) His back.
(d) His chest.

4. What does Brennan's employer like to talk about?
(a) He talks about his family.
(b) He doesn't talk.
(c) He talks about his girlfriend.
(d) He talks about money.

5. What does Brennan tell his mother is the only way to get the kids to sleep?
(a) Hit them over the head.
(b) Drug their hot chocolate.
(c) Drive a wooden stake through their hearts.
(d) Make them run five miles with their packs.

6. Why does Coyote Runs think the uniforms of the soldiers are silly?
(a) They are blue.
(b) Their uniforms are too hot.
(c) They are easy to see from a distance.
(d) They attract horse flies.

7. Why does Brennan work?
(a) So he can buy a car.
(b) To save money for college.
(c) To build up his muscles.
(d) To help pay for his clothes and other things.

8. How does the raiding party proceed home?
(a) On what they stole.
(b) Slowly, sneaking through the hills.
(c) On fresh horses.
(d) In the opposite direction of where they want to go.

9. What does Brennan think he hears in the dark?
(a) A coyote howling.
(b) Gunshots.
(c) A horse neighing.
(d) A mountain lion.

10. Who attacks the raiding party the day after the raid?
(a) Soldiers.
(b) A rival Indian tribe.
(c) The ranchers.
(d) Mexicans.

11. Where was the white school Coyote Runs had to attend?
(a) Fort Bliss.
(b) El Paso.
(c) Tucson.
(d) Alamogordo.

12. What is the name of the warrior who leads raiding parties?
(a) Sancta.
(b) Tuton.
(c) Raven.
(d) Heron.

13. What did Brennan think was the reason the kids were so bad?
(a) They lived on the streets.
(b) They came from broken homes.
(c) Bill was too nice.
(d) They were just young.

14. Why is Brennan annoyed about being in the van?
(a) He is in the far back seat.
(b) It is too hot.
(c) The kids annoy him.
(d) His mother acts like Bill is perfect.

15. Why does Brennan put his sleeping bag under a large boulder?
(a) To shield himself from the sun.
(b) To pretend he is hiding from the soldiers.
(c) To get away from the kids.
(d) To keep the dew off his sleeping bag.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Coyote Runs call a match for lighting a fire?

2. What does Brennan do when he finds a skull?

3. What does Brennan do with the skull?

4. Where is Coyote Runs shot?

5. Where does Coyote Runs' tribe occasionally get beef?

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