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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Brennan use an excuse to get out of going on the trip?
(a) He hoped to get a new pair of shoes out of it.
(b) He couldn't think of one.
(c) Bill seemed really fun.
(d) His mother looked so hopeful.

2. What is Coyote Runs doing with the warriors in question #9?
(a) Cooking for them.
(b) Reporting them to the authorities.
(c) Following them.
(d) Nothing.

3. What does Brennan think the men in his mother's life do?
(a) Teach her interesting trivial facts.
(b) Help her financially.
(c) Hurt her.
(d) Amuse her.

4. How are the buildings arranged at Fort Bliss?
(a) Alternating pyramid.
(b) In a square.
(c) In a circle.
(d) In a maze.

5. Why does Brennan work?
(a) So he can buy a car.
(b) To build up his muscles.
(c) To help pay for his clothes and other things.
(d) To save money for college.

6. What does Brennan do for the person in question #14?
(a) Delivers papers.
(b) Mows lawns.
(c) Washes dishes.
(d) Stocks shelves.

7. With whom does Coyote Runs catch up?
(a) Magpie.
(b) Sancta.
(c) The soldiers.
(d) The Ranchers.

8. While walking to the camp place what did Brennan decide Bill was not?
(a) A strong climber.
(b) A whimp.
(c) A runner.
(d) A real man.

9. What is Coyote Runs' job on the raid?
(a) Fetch firewood and water.
(b) Take care of the extra horses.
(c) Cook the meals.
(d) Make arrows.

10. What did Coyote Runs' people call the white soldiers?
(a) Long guns.
(b) Yellow Scarfs.
(c) Bluebellies.
(d) Bluecoats.

11. How does Brennan feel about his father?
(a) He never knew him.
(b) He loves him.
(c) He admires him.
(d) He hates him.

12. What does Brennan think about how his mother talks?
(a) She talks too much.
(b) She doesn't talk enough.
(c) She won't talk about his father.
(d) She talks about his father too much.

13. Who attacks the raiding party the day after the raid?
(a) Soldiers.
(b) The ranchers.
(c) A rival Indian tribe.
(d) Mexicans.

14. Why does Coyote Runs fear for his life?
(a) He watches the entire party be killed.
(b) He knows the soldiers hate children.
(c) He sees Magpie shot down.
(d) He saw Sancta shot.

15. What does Brennan notice in Chapter 2 as he approaches the house?
(a) The house color has changed.
(b) The house is dark.
(c) There is furniture in the yard.
(d) There is someone there Brennan doesn't know.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Coyote Runs call the place he has gone to time after time to pray?

2. What did Coyote Runs have ready when they looked in on the soldiers' camp?

3. Where does Coyote Runs' tribe occasionally get beef?

4. What is the name of the canyon where Bill says they are camping?

5. What ethnicity are the ranchers the party raided?

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