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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brennan's hobby do for him?
(a) Keeps him in shape.
(b) Keeps him out of his house.
(c) Helps him express his artistic ability.
(d) Earns him money.

2. What does the event in question #1 mark for Coyote Runs?
(a) The ritual killing of his first deer.
(b) Joining his father's family.
(c) First step into manhood.
(d) Finding out his inner name.

3. What does Brennan's employer like to talk about?
(a) He doesn't talk.
(b) He talks about money.
(c) He talks about his family.
(d) He talks about his girlfriend.

4. Who were the kids in the van with Brennan?
(a) Bill's children from his first marriage.
(b) Bill's adopted children.
(c) Kids from the homeless shelter.
(d) The youth group from Bill's church.

5. What does Brennan like to do for fun?
(a) Collect rocks.
(b) Basketball.
(c) Paint.
(d) Run.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Brennan use an excuse to get out of going on the trip?

2. What did Bill say they needed to do when they arrived at the springs?

3. How does Brennan feel about his father?

4. While walking to the camp place what did Brennan decide Bill was not?

5. What is Coyote Runs doing with the warriors in question #9?

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