Objects & Places from Canyons

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Brennan finds this while camping in a canyon about sixty miles outside of El Paso.


Brennan covers the skull in this and hides it, first in his backpack and later in his closet.

Measuring Tape

Brennan uses this to figure out that the skull he found is about the same size of his own skull.


Mr. Homesley convinces Brennan to be a better student by sharing with him his knowledge of these.


Brennan uses this to keep the snakes away from him as he runs in the night to take the skull back to the canyon.


Brennan gets water in the desert from this.

Cutting Lawns

Brennan does this for a job.

Boxes of Reports

Mr. Homesley contacts a friend with the Western Historical Archives and has him send these.

Music Room

Mr. Homesley and his wife have this in the basement of...

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