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Chapters 1-4

• Coyote Runs learns he is to be a member of a raiding party which will be an event that marks his first step into manhood.

• Brennan Cole runs as a sport but it also gives him the chance to stay away from home when his mother is entertaining someone new.

• Brennan runs towards home and sees that someone is there. It is Bill Halverson, a man Brennan has not yet met.

• Coyote Runs follows the other Indian warriors as they make their way to El Paso.

• Coyote Runs has no weapon, he will be watching the horses, but at the end of the raid he will be a man.
• Brennan mows lawns to help pay for his clothes and other items he wants to buy. He works for Stoney.

• Stoney is not a man who talks while he works and that suits Brennan fine as he...

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