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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate tell Laurie to set out for the dinner table in Act I?
(a) Plates
(b) Napkins
(c) Glasses
(d) Bowls

2. Eugene tells Stanley in Act II that their father threw the newspaper at him for what reason?
(a) He brought the New York Post instead of the New York Times
(b) He didn’t bring the evening edition
(c) He brought the New York Times instead of the New York Post
(d) He didn’t bring the morning edition

3. Eugene claims in Act II, “I’d give up writing if I could” what?
(a) Have a date with a girl
(b) Travel to Europe and fight in the war
(c) Play for the Boston Red Sox
(d) See a girl naked while I was eating ice cream

4. What physical ailment has Jack suffered prior to the opening of Act II?
(a) A brain aneurysm
(b) A bout of pneumonia
(c) A heart attack
(d) An epileptic seizure

5. How old is Nora Morton said to be in Act I?
(a) 15
(b) 18
(c) 16
(d) 17

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Laurie decide her mother looks like before she leaves for her date in Act II?

2. Kate tells Eugene to run across the street to what store to buy bread in Act I?

3. How many times does Eugene respond his mother has told him not to leave his things around the house in Act I?

4. How many years has Nora been in dancing school in Act I?

5. What does Kate offer to cook for Blanche after they’ve made up at the end of Act II?

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