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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the homeless person do on the narrator's train ride to work?
(a) The homeless man steals the New York Post.
(b) The homeless man steals the narrator's cocaine.
(c) The homeless man sits on an old lady.
(d) The homeless man accosts the narrator.

2. When Elaine leaves for the restroom, what does the narrator suspect?
(a) He suspects Allagash has drugged Elaine and put her in the trunk of a car.
(b) He thinks she has seen Amanda.
(c) He is afraid they have all planned to leave without him.
(d) He thinks Elaine is in love with him and arranging for them to leave.

3. Why does the narrator not want to have lunch with Alex?
(a) Alex is unfriendly and does not like the narrator's writing.
(b) Alex is an alcoholic and will put away a couple of drinks at lunch.
(c) Alex is recently divorced and unstable.
(d) Alex always makes the narrator pick up the check.

4. What does stepping outside the club feel like to the narrator?
(a) A brisk morning walk.
(b) A mother's reproach.
(c) A shopping trip at Christmastime.
(d) A heavenly descent.

5. In which department would the narrator rather be working?
(a) The Department of Photography.
(b) The Grammar Department.
(c) The Department of Factual Verification.
(d) The Fiction Department.

6. What river is the narrator gazing across?
(a) The Mississippi River.
(b) The Ohio River.
(c) The Hudson River.
(d) The East River.

7. What was the narrator's most significant contact with The Druid?
(a) The day the Druid sat on an old lady in the subway.
(b) The day the Druid caught the narrator snorting coke in the bathroom.
(c) The Druid's concern over the President's usage of the word "precipitous."
(d) The Druid's unexpected presence at the narrator's wedding.

8. What author did the narrator, in his first days at the company, give advice about his award-winning prose?
(a) John Donlevy.
(b) Steven Paul.
(c) Marianne Miller.
(d) Amanda Sykes.

9. How do the narrator's coworkers react after his deadline is changed?
(a) They are horrified and boycott the company.
(b) They are angry and shun him.
(c) They are ecstatic and want to see him fired.
(d) They are sympathetic and want to help him.

10. Who has called in sick to the office?
(a) Clara Tillinghast.
(b) Megan Avery.
(c) The narrator.
(d) The Druid.

11. In which branch of the magazine does the narrator work?
(a) The New Voices Department.
(b) The Department of Factual Verification.
(c) The Grammar Department.
(d) The Fiction Department.

12. What mood is the narrator in as he goes to bed after the date?
(a) He is indifferent, dreading the confrontation with Tillinghast.
(b) He is miserable, like always.
(c) For the first time in a while he is happy.
(d) He is confused and angry about his feelings for Vicky.

13. Why has Tad insisted on making up stories about Amanda and the narrator's separation?
(a) He is hoping he will meet the love of his love through the narrator's tragedy.
(b) He is completely clueless about how their relationship ended.
(c) He is trying to help the narrator get more girls.
(d) He honestly thinks Amanda was an activist in South America.

14. What distinction does the narrator make between disasters in the city and in the rest of the country?
(a) Disasters in the city involve taxis, whereas in the country they involve mini vans.
(b) Disasters in the city are man-made, whereas in the country they are acts of God.
(c) Disasters in the city are always weather-related, whereas in the country they are never weather-related.
(d) Disasters in the city involved drugs, whereas in the country they involved alcohol.

15. Who does the narrator see on the West Side Highway?
(a) Amanda, who is as beautiful as ever.
(b) A man peddling kabobs on a cart.
(c) A lone hooker pulling on her skirt.
(d) His mother, in town for a surprise visit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Tad and the narrator go to party?

2. How many martinis has Alex had during the course of lunch?

3. Who does the narrator encounter at the club?

4. When the narrator leaves for lunch, what does Megan ask him to bring back for her?

5. What heath ailment does Wade knowingly joke about with the narrator?

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