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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three, The Utility of Fiction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the narrator talking with at the club?
(a) Michael.
(b) Amanda.
(c) A man with a lizard.
(d) A girl with a shaved head.

2. What does the narrator purchase on his lunch break?
(a) A diamond ring from Tiffany's.
(b) A scarf from a street vendor.
(c) A Cartier watch.
(d) Some cocaine on the street corner.

3. When the narrator leaves for lunch, what does Megan ask him to bring back for her?
(a) A salad.
(b) A diet soda.
(c) A Tab.
(d) A ham sandwich.

4. How was the narrator's innocent advice perceived by his superiors at the magazine?
(a) There never found out that he did it.
(b) They were in awe and immediately promoted him.
(c) They were completely outraged at his presumption.
(d) They promptly fired him and he has been on the job market ever since.

5. Who is The Druid?
(a) He is the fourth man to head the company.
(b) He is a ghost of a man who has been working on an article for seven years.
(c) He is an often-encountered man on the subway.
(d) He is the narrator's direct superior, nicknamed Clingfast.

Short Answer Questions

1. What river is the narrator gazing across?

2. Who does the narrator hope to meet in the club?

3. What is Tad Allagash's main goal in life?

4. What does the narrator attempt to sit and write about?

5. What does the homeless person do on the narrator's train ride to work?

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