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Chapter One, It's Six A. M. Do You Know Where You Are?

• The narrator is at a club very late at night, though he seems unclear about his identity and why he is there.
• The narrator's friend Tad Allagash, who has no other goal than the pursuit of pleasure, has encouraged and badgered the narrator into the late night filled with dancing, music, women, and cocaine.
• Upon leaving the party the narrator walks to a pier, where he a Colgate sign, the Statue of Liberty, and a passing garbage barge.

Chapter Two, The Department of Factual Verification

• The narrator is late to work the next morning, and his boss Clara Tillinghast assigns him a French article that will be difficult to verify.
• Clara Tillinghast dislikes the narrator because he once suggested edits for a Pulitzer prize winning author--a very presumptuous and offensive mistake on his part.
• On his...

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