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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the director indicate he will send Bernard if there are more complaints about him?
(a) Santa Fe
(b) Iceland
(c) London
(d) North pole

2. Which of the following is an average range of embryos which develop from one egg?
(a) 8-96
(b) 0-50
(c) 50-120
(d) 100-200

3. How long has Lenina been seeing Henry?
(a) 4 days
(b) 4 weeks
(c) 4 months
(d) 4 years

4. Which of the following is the best definition of precipice as it is used in this chapter?
(a) Cliff with a steep wall
(b) Deep valley
(c) Mountain range
(d) Plateau

5. What was the name of the character who gave Linda mescal often?
(a) Kiva
(b) Bernard
(c) Pope
(d) John

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Linda feel about seeing Lenina?

2. What does the abbreviation D.H.C. stand for?

3. How many tablets of soma does Lenina take before going to bed?

4. To whom does Bernard speak after telling his story several times?

5. Which of the following groups of people are not divided into about seventy-two identical embryos?

Short Essay Questions

1. What adjectives did John use to identify with Pope?

2. Why is Bernard mocked by his peers?

3. Why would the D.H.C. be furious with Lenina according to Fanny?

4. What chant is said over and over as the group at the Solidarity Service dances in a circle slapping each other's bottoms?

5. What does the Director say that a love of nature is for they lower castes?

6. What did the conscription of consumption compell?

7. What does the Director say the babies will develop as related to flowers and books?

8. What does Bernard say after he refuses the soma raspberry sundae Lenina offers him?

9. Why are Lenina and Bernard surprised by John?

10. What type of behavior does the director accuse Bernard of displaying?

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