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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John repeatedly say in his grief that confuses the twins?
(a) Hope
(b) God
(c) Love
(d) One is important

2. Which character has the closest bond with John in this chapter?
(a) Linda
(b) Helmholtz
(c) Bernard
(d) Lenina

3. Where were John, Bernard and Helmholtz taken after the riots?
(a) World controller's office
(b) Alpha camp
(c) Iceland
(d) Reservation

4. What happened to the DHC after John fell to his knees and called him father?
(a) He resigned
(b) He was promoted
(c) He took John into his home
(d) He attacked Bernard

5. Which word describes how the controller felt at Bernard's suggestions about social order?
(a) Suspect
(b) Outraged
(c) Reinforced
(d) Intrigued

6. In what name did John throw out the soma?
(a) Liberty
(b) Linda
(c) Life
(d) Death

7. Where does Lenina take John?
(a) To the helicopter factory
(b) Back to the reservation
(c) To the feelies
(d) To the Eton school

8. Which of the following ideas from Romeo and Juliet did Helmhotz find very obscene?
(a) Uncremated bodies
(b) Star-crossed lovers
(c) Forcing love on someone
(d) Mother and father

9. Which character becomes newly confident and lets some success go to his head?
(a) John
(b) Linda
(c) Bernard
(d) Helmholtz

10. Which of the following is not one of the areas the controller says that God isn't compatible with?
(a) Universal happiness
(b) Love
(c) Medicine
(d) Machinery

11. What does John do with his Shakespeare book after Helmholtz bursts into laughter over some of the writing?
(a) Throws it away
(b) Burns it
(c) Tears it apart and destroys it
(d) Locks it away

12. Which of the following best describes how Mustapha Mond responds to John's request for the inconveniences of life?
(a) He is welcome to them
(b) He cannot have them
(c) He cannot be miserable
(d) He must go live with Helmholtz

13. Which of the following characters do the police not take away after the riot at the soma distribution line?
(a) Bernard
(b) Helmholtz
(c) Linda
(d) John

14. Why does the director choose this area for the meet?
(a) It has the most high-caste workers
(b) It is the closest
(c) It is an area Bernard is afraid of
(d) It is where he works himself

15. Which of the following is not a descriptor the controller would use to describe the world now?
(a) Happy
(b) Passionate
(c) Stable
(d) Well Off

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does John see people laughing at savages confessing their sins to Jesus?

2. Why does Lenina feel that she is getting some of the fame under false pretenses?

3. Which of the following does the controller indicate is incompatible with happiness?

4. What does John do when he sees Lenina get out of the helicopter?

5. Who does Henry Foster tell that the DHC had been on the verge of transferring Bernard to Iceland?

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