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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was often the only thing John was left with to eat?
(a) Antelope
(b) Cold tortillas
(c) Mescal
(d) Soma

2. Why is Bernard uncomfortable dealing with the lower castes?
(a) He is unhappy
(b) He is much taller than them
(c) He is not smarter than them
(d) He is not taller than them

3. Where do Lenina and Bernard plan to go?
(a) Detroit
(b) Russia
(c) New Mexico
(d) Italy

4. Which of the following is not a descriptive term the Controller uses to describe home?
(a) Unemotional
(b) Obscene relationships
(c) Stifling rooms
(d) Rabble of children

5. What does the Controller say that 'Our Ford' called himself whenever he was speaking of psychology?
(a) Our Ford
(b) Our Psychologist
(c) Our Father
(d) Our Freud

6. What type of play does one boy, who will now have to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology, refuse to do?
(a) Join in ordinary erotic play
(b) Join in the appropriate class
(c) Join in the game of centrifugal bumble-puppy
(d) Join in the hypnopaedia

7. How do Solidarity Services generally end?
(a) Hymn singing
(b) Communal sex
(c) Dinner and prayers
(d) Dancing

8. Which of the following is a major instrument of social stability according to the director?
(a) Arrested development
(b) Bokanovsky's process
(c) Stabilization
(d) Budding

9. Which type of education does the Director indicate should never be rational?
(a) Hypnopaedia education
(b) Moral education
(c) Conditioning education
(d) Social education

10. Where do Bernard and Lenina return after leaving the reservation?
(a) World Controller's Office
(b) The other place
(c) Linda's hut
(d) The rest house

11. What do the people at the Solidarity Service invite the Greater Being to do?
(a) Move them
(b) Reinforce them
(c) Save them
(d) Annihilate them

12. What game are the children playing when he takes his tour group outside?
(a) Centrifuge Pumble-puppy
(b) Centrifugal Puppy-bumble
(c) Centrifugal Bumble-puppy
(d) Bumble-puppy Centrifugal

13. What happens when John tried to join in the ceremonies?
(a) He was allowed to join in
(b) The others pushed him off of a cliff
(c) The others called him bad names
(d) The others threw stones at him

14. Which of the following is an average range of embryos which develop from one egg?
(a) 100-200
(b) 50-120
(c) 8-96
(d) 0-50

15. What prevents people in the civilization from having children?
(a) Abortion centre
(b) Other place
(c) Alcohol
(d) Malthusian drill

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mustapha Mond's position?

2. What does Lenina wish she had while on the reservation?

3. Who was Lenina going to the north pole with?

4. Which of the following best describes how Bernard feels?

5. What indicates the change of shifts?

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