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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John's mother call the people she has been living with?
(a) Lunatics
(b) Lovers
(c) Friends
(d) Savages

2. What is passed around as they say, " I drink to my annihilation" at the Solidarity Service?
(a) Soma
(b) Instruments
(c) Strawberry ice cream
(d) Strawberry ice cream soma

3. Which room is located on the ground floor?
(a) Embryo store
(b) Elementary class consciousness
(c) Neo-Pavlovian conditioning room
(d) Fertilizing room

4. What does John think has happened when he goes to the rest house and no one answers?
(a) He thinks no one is home and is worried
(b) He thinks they are sleeping
(c) He thinks they are hurt
(d) He thinks they have left without him

5. Why is Bernard permitted to visit the Savage Reservation?
(a) His job requires him to be there daily
(b) The director has ordered him to go there
(c) Lenina requests to go there
(d) He is an alpha plus psychologist

6. What is recovered from every corpse?
(a) Phosphorus
(b) Energy
(c) Milk
(d) Ovas

7. What does the quiet voices under every pillow encourage the children in the Elementary Class Consciousness exhort the children to be happy with?
(a) The colors of the various castes
(b) Praise of the model T
(c) The role they have been given
(d) The greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time

8. Where do Bernard and Lenina return after leaving the reservation?
(a) Linda's hut
(b) World Controller's Office
(c) The other place
(d) The rest house

9. Where does the director indicate he will send Bernard if there are more complaints about him?
(a) North pole
(b) Santa Fe
(c) London
(d) Iceland

10. What does Bokanovsky's process create?
(a) Uniform men in standard batches
(b) Uniform men and women in standard batches
(c) Men and women in standard batches
(d) Uniform women in standard batches

11. Which of the following did Lenina propose that she and Bernard complete on their first date?
(a) Trip to the north pole
(b) Savage reservation visit
(c) Swim
(d) DHC tour

12. Which word best describes how Lenina views Bernard in chapter six?
(a) Happy
(b) Intriguing
(c) Exciting
(d) Odd

13. Which of the following is an average range of embryos which develop from one egg?
(a) 100-200
(b) 50-120
(c) 0-50
(d) 8-96

14. How many tablets of soma does Lenina take before going to bed?
(a) 1
(b) 12
(c) 5
(d) 6

15. What makes John rush outside after watching Lenina sleep for awhile?
(a) Stones being thrown at the windows
(b) Lenina awaiting him
(c) Sound of a helicopter
(d) Bernard calling him

Short Answer Questions

1. What prevents people in the civilization from having children?

2. What does John do when he sees Lenina's suitcase through the window?

3. How does Linda feel about seeing Lenina?

4. Which of the following is a major instrument of social stability according to the director?

5. Why did the director and the girl have to stay in the mountains overnight?

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