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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the groups of people?
(a) Alphas
(b) Gammas
(c) Sigma
(d) Betas

2. Which of the following items in Lenina's suitcase awes John?
(a) Sound of zippers
(b) Bright colors
(c) Amount of clothes
(d) Soft fabric

3. What statement did children begin getting at age five according to Bernard?
(a) Everyone is happy now
(b) No one is happy
(c) Everyone is able to have a good time
(d) Everyone is free

4. Our Ford represents who?
(a) Adolf Ford
(b) Herbert Ford
(c) Albus Ford
(d) Henry Ford

5. Where is the savage reservation located?
(a) North pole
(b) Santa Fe
(c) Iceland
(d) London

6. What does Lenina wish she had while on the reservation?
(a) Benito
(b) Soma
(c) The director
(d) More time to spend on the reservation

7. What did the first reformers offer to deliver them from?
(a) Pain
(b) Debt
(c) Conservation
(d) Emotions

8. How do Henry and Lenina travel?
(a) Car
(b) Train
(c) Helicopter
(d) Airplane

9. What do the sexophonists sound like?
(a) Dogs howling
(b) Moaning cats
(c) People singing
(d) Saxophones wailing

10. Which of the following is the best definition of precipice as it is used in this chapter?
(a) Plateau
(b) Cliff with a steep wall
(c) Mountain range
(d) Deep valley

11. How does the Controller say that Our Ford described a world full of fathers?
(a) Full of misery
(b) Full of suicide
(c) Full of every kind of perversion
(d) Full of madness

12. What is the aim of mass production?
(a) Increase the number of men
(b) Create utopia
(c) Decrease the population
(d) Stabilize the population

13. Where does Bernard need to go to contact Mustapha Mond?
(a) Santa Fe
(b) London
(c) Washington
(d) Savage Reservation

14. What makes John rush outside after watching Lenina sleep for awhile?
(a) Stones being thrown at the windows
(b) Lenina awaiting him
(c) Sound of a helicopter
(d) Bernard calling him

15. Who do the necessary orders sent to to permit Linda and John to return to the 'other place?
(a) World controller's office
(b) Bernard
(c) Director
(d) Warden

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mustapha Mond's position?

2. What do the people at the Solidarity Service invite the Greater Being to do?

3. What is body mass been conditioned to represent?

4. Hypnopaedia refers to which principle?

5. Which of the following groups of people are not divided into about seventy-two identical embryos?

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