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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when John tried to join in the ceremonies?
(a) He was allowed to join in
(b) The others threw stones at him
(c) The others called him bad names
(d) The others pushed him off of a cliff

2. When John was fifteen what skill was taught to him?
(a) How to read
(b) How to prepare food
(c) How to hunt
(d) How to work in clay

3. Where does the director ask Bernard to meet him?
(a) Embryo store
(b) Nurseries
(c) Conditioning room
(d) Fertilizing room

4. Why does the director choose this area for the meet?
(a) It is the closest
(b) It is where he works himself
(c) It is an area Bernard is afraid of
(d) It has the most high-caste workers

5. Where did Lenina and Bernard finally go on their first date?
(a) Swimming
(b) DHC tour
(c) Women's heavyweight wrestling championship
(d) Savage reservation visit

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Linda say mescal was similar to?

2. What does the quiet voices under every pillow encourage the children in the Elementary Class Consciousness exhort the children to be happy with?

3. Where is the savage reservation located?

4. What do Lenina and Henry do after dinner?

5. Which social class does Bernard belong to?

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