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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Our Ford represents who?
(a) Albus Ford
(b) Adolf Ford
(c) Herbert Ford
(d) Henry Ford

2. How do Henry and Lenina travel?
(a) Train
(b) Airplane
(c) Car
(d) Helicopter

3. What does the Controller say that 'Our Ford' called himself whenever he was speaking of psychology?
(a) Our Psychologist
(b) Our Ford
(c) Our Father
(d) Our Freud

4. Why is Bernard uncomfortable dealing with the lower castes?
(a) He is not smarter than them
(b) He is much taller than them
(c) He is not taller than them
(d) He is unhappy

5. Which of the following best describes how Bernard feels?
(a) Inferior
(b) Superior
(c) Outsider
(d) Insider

Short Answer Questions

1. What has isolated Helmholtz?

2. What does Bokanovsky's process create?

3. How long has Lenina been seeing Henry?

4. Where does this story take place?

5. Whom does Bernard go to pick up?

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