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Bokanovsky┬ĺ's Process

Basically, this process involves letting the egg 'bud' and creates up to ninety-six embryos from each bud, each of which will grow into a human being. The Director calls the this process 'one of the major instruments of social stability.'


This is the drug that people take in half-gramme tablets to get away from it all. It produces a joyful effect in which all bad things are simply whisked away. It is on hand at all times. For most of their lives, the citizens of the Brave New World are doped up. John, or the Savage, is pretty much the only one in the book who has never taken soma. The creation and introduction of soma is as such: Two thousand pharmocologists and bio-chemists were subsidized in A.F. 178, and six years later, it was being produced commercially.


A meeting of about...

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