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Chapter 1

• The story opens with a tour to new students being given by the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning (D.H.C.)

• The tour starts in the Fertilizing rooms where eggs are extracted and grown to stabilize the population.

• The eggs are then moved to the basement area when they become embryos
• Embryos are treated differently depending on which caste system they will fall into as adults.

• One of the main characters, Lenina is introduced as a purple-eyed nurse.

• The tour moves on to the nursery.

Chapter 2

• In the nursery, the children are conditioned using electric shock through the floor to avoid books and flowers.

• The Director tells of the story of Reuben Rabinovich, who learned through his sleep.

• Hypnopaedia, sleep teaching, is employed in the nurseries.
• In dorms, children are conditioned to learn to be happy during their lives.

• Hypnopaedia is used to be the greatest moralizing...

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