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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Brand decide to go at the end of Act 1, Scene 2?

2. While contemplating staying, who does Brand say will be "born again" in the settlement?

3. What does Agnes choose to do at the end of Act 2?

4. Why does Brand refuse to help the peasant and his daughter?

5. Why does Agnes believe "all earthly souls are doomed to fail?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Gerd chase the hawk?

2. What are the conditions of Brand receiving his mother's fortune?

3. Why does Brand get angry at the people who have chosen to follow him up the hillside?

4. After the congregation comes to find Brand to begin the service, why does Brand say that he is mad (crazy)?

5. What lie does the Mayor tell the defectors that gets them to return to town?

6. Describe what readers find out about the fire at the Mayor's home and how he acts.

7. What does Brand believe Agnes must do to complete her dependence on Alf's memory?

8. Why does Brand refuse to take the blame from the townsfolk?

9. What has changed in Brand's life over the past year and a half (since the end of Act 4)?

10. Describe Einar's description of God.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While the play is written from a Christian's view-point, many references are made to other god's. Find 2-3 of these references and discuss their importance to the play. Why do you believe that these images are included in a play that has a definite Christian tone?

Essay Topic 2

The Mayor and Brand are at war throughout the novel. Describe two of their arguments. Who do you believe to be the stronger man? Why do you believe this? Be sure to use textual evidence.

Essay Topic 3

What is the relevance of the "form" at the end of the play? What news does the "form" bring? What is Brand's reaction to the form?

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