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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Brand and the Mayor are discussing different building hopes, what does Brand think is needed most?
(a) A prision.
(b) A lunatic asylum.
(c) A social hall.
(d) A dam.

2. As the congregation pours into the church to find Brand, what do the priests claim is wrong with him?
(a) That he has paired with the Devil.
(b) That he is ill.
(c) That he is under a spell.
(d) That he has gone mad.

3. According to the Mayor, what day will never come?
(a) The day they will be friends.
(b) The second coming.
(c) The sacrificial day.
(d) The Sabbath.

4. As Einar leaves, Brand realizes something about him. What does Brand realize?
(a) That he was wrong in taking Agnes from Einar.
(b) That he has failed all of humanity.
(c) That it was best that Einar left.
(d) That Einar is the man he needs to help him.

5. Who does Agnes claim came to see her the prior night while Band was away?
(a) Gerd.
(b) God.
(c) The mayor.
(d) Alf.

Short Answer Questions

1. The schoolmaster and the sexton are talking about the fire that ravaged the Mayor's home. What did the mayor's wife tell him to save?

2. The congregation questions Brand about the length of the battle to come. What does Brand say will end their suffering?

3. Before Brand goes to give his sermon, the Dean has come to speak to him about his obligations. What obligation does the Dean say Brand must fulfill?

4. The schoolmaster and the sexton are talking about the fire at the mayor's home. When the mayor says, "O, that can go to hell," what do they say he is talking about?

5. What does Agnes claim is all she has left to offer to Brand and God?

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