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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gerd wish Brand to do in her church?
(a) Sabotage the worship service.
(b) Become a member of the congregation.
(c) Try to help her set it fire.
(d) Become the priest.

2. What does Agnes choose to do at the end of Act 2?
(a) Stay with Brand.
(b) Stay with Einar.
(c) Stay with Brand's mother.
(d) Stay with Gerd.

3. How does Brand think Einar see God?
(a) As non-existant..Einar does not believe in God.
(b) As a cripple.
(c) As a young, strong man.
(d) As a child.

4. When Brand addresses the men who have come to the Woman's house, where does he say the left eye turns toward?
(a) Heaven.
(b) Away from danger.
(c) Dirt.
(d) Hell.

5. While talking about Alf the Brand, what does the doctor claim that Brand is running from?
(a) God.
(b) The mayor and Gerd.
(c) His mother's corpse and his flock of souls.
(d) The devil.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason is Brand's mother fearful?

2. What does Brand call his childhood home?

3. Brand claims to know the enemy. Who does Brand believe the enemy to be?

4. What does the Woman need who runs into the town as the squall hits?

5. As Brand finishes his soliloquy, what falls on the ground next to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. After leaving Einar and Agnes, what does Brand recognize about the valley he has come to?

2. Why does the Mayor believe the new church to be great?

3. What does the Mayor say his intentions are now that the he has claimed the war is over?

4. What different attempts does Brand's mother make to get him to come to her on her deathbed?

5. Why is Brand not excited about the new church?

6. Why does Agnes volunteer to go with Brand across the fjord when no one else will?

7. Why does Brand believe that the townsfolk have followed the Mayor's desires to this point?

8. What does Brand believe Agnes must do to complete her dependence on Alf's memory?

9. Why does the Man believe that Brand will not leave?

10. What does the Mayor want the people to think about before they leave with Brand? What is their reaction?

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