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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When speaking about Alf, Agnes claims Brand is speaking coldly. What does Agnes ask Brand to do?
(a) Speak gently.
(b) Not speak to her about Alf.
(c) Continue with the coldness.
(d) Stop talking to her at all.

2. What does Brand do to lighten the dark room of the parsonage?
(a) Lights a single candle.
(b) Lights ten candles.
(c) Opens the outer doors.
(d) Pulls the shades back from the windows.

3. What does the Mayor tell Brand that he wants to do to take place of the war that is now over?
(a) Focus on his family.
(b) Build a new home.
(c) Try to find another mayoral position elsewhere.
(d) Cure the curse of poverty.

4. What does Agnes say Brand should call God?
(a) Devil.
(b) Lord.
(c) Father.
(d) Saint.

5. What are the three things that the committee of the church has decided to give to Brand?
(a) A silver cup, a song, and a speech.
(b) A speech, an olive branch, and a dove.
(c) A gold cup, a poem, and an olive branch.
(d) A bronze cup, a poem, and a song.

6. What does Agnes claim is all she has left to offer to Brand and God?
(a) Her vast wealth.
(b) Her poverty.
(c) Her heart's root.
(d) Nothing.

7. According to the Mayor, what day will never come?
(a) The sacrificial day.
(b) The day they will be friends.
(c) The Sabbath.
(d) The second coming.

8. As Einar leaves, Brand realizes something about him. What does Brand realize?
(a) That Einar is the man he needs to help him.
(b) That he was wrong in taking Agnes from Einar.
(c) That he has failed all of humanity.
(d) That it was best that Einar left.

9. What does Brand claim about his followers on their trek up the hillside?
(a) "There is more than your fill for all."
(b) "You all will perish before you reach the summit."
(c) "You want the pay before the labour."
(d) That they are all on the right path now.

10. What does Gerd see when see examines Brand's hands?
(a) Words carved into them.
(b) Nail holes.
(c) Scrapes.
(d) Nothing, they are not injured at all.

11. Before Brand goes to give his sermon, the Dean has come to speak to him about his obligations. What obligation does the Dean say Brand must fulfill?
(a) His obligation to State.
(b) His obligation to the Dean.
(c) His obligation to his family.
(d) His obligation to the settlement.

12. When does Agnes wish Brand to have the new "great church" built by?
(a) Before fall.
(b) Before spring.
(c) Before summer.
(d) Never. She likes the church as it is.

13. The schoolmaster and the sexton are talking about the fire at the mayor's home. When the mayor says, "O, that can go to hell," what do they say he is talking about?
(a) His soul.
(b) His son.
(c) Her.
(d) His home.

14. At the end of Act 5, Scene 1, what does the Dean decide to do?
(a) Follow Brand up the mountain to keep the "flock from straying farther".
(b) Return to town to talk to the Mayor about what they are going to do with Brand.
(c) Become a member of Brand's "new" congregation.
(d) Nothing...he believes it has all gone too far.

15. Brand informs the Mayor of his own plans to build. Initially, what does the Mayor say about Brand's plans?
(a) He says two building projects will not work.
(b) He refuses to believe that Brand could accomplish the task.
(c) He supports him completely.
(d) He tells Brand to go ahead and see who finishes first.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Brand's impromptu sermon, what does he claim the congregation does with God's flag?

2. The Mayor asks Brand of his intentions in Act 4, Part 2. What does Brand say his intentions are?

3. Brand makes a very specific demand of Agnes in regard to the woman. What does Brand tell Agnes to do?

4. The Mayor comes to see Brand and tells Brand that the congregation is waiting for him. What does Brand say to the Mayor's request to begin his sermon?

5. Who does Agnes claim came to see her the prior night while Band was away?

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