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1. What is the peasant willing to give up, and not give up, for a priest to visit his ailing daughter?

The peasant is willing to give up money, his house and his home. The peasant is not willing to give up his life though.

2. Why do Einar and Agnes not see the precipice?

Einar and Agnes are too busy dancing and playing with each other. They are so involved with the emotion they have for one another that they fail to see the danger before them. They are not concerned with anything but having fun, given that they believe nothing can intrude on their lifetime of fun.

3. Describe Einar's description of God.

Einar believes God to be quite elderly. Einar also believes him to be thin-haired with a beard as silver as ice.

4. Why does Agnes choose to follow Brand instead of going with Einar?

Agnes is worried about the weather, it seems to be getting dark and the weather is getting bad. Agnes is also very tired and has had enough of their journey. Agnes also seems intrigued by Brand, stating that he seemed to get taller as he spoke.

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