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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the opening of Act 2, Scene One, what is the mayor handing out to the townsfolk?
(a) Bread.
(b) Beans.
(c) Wheat.
(d) Corn.

2. How does the valley look different from Brand's memories of it?
(a) It looks smaller than he remembers.
(b) It looks abandoned.
(c) It looks larger than he remembers.
(d) He does not recognize the land at all.

3. What does Brand save Einar and Agnes from doing?
(a) Falling over a waterfall.
(b) Falling off a cliff.
(c) Being robbed by gypsys.
(d) Being attacked by a lion.

4. Upon Brand's arrival to the valley, where are all of the town's folk going to?
(a) To the town hall.
(b) To the cemetery.
(c) To the fields.
(d) To church.

5. What does the peasant's son fear they will encounter if they continue on their journey?
(a) Gypsys.
(b) Wild animals.
(c) Bad weather.
(d) The nobles of the area.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Brand finishes his soliloquy, what falls on the ground next to him?

2. What is Gerd chasing when she meets Brand?

3. When Brand addresses the men who have come to the Woman's house, where does he say the right eye turns toward?

4. What does the Mayor warn Man Two not to do after discovering that his wife has died?

5. What does Brand say will cause Gerd's church to fall?

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