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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the valley look different from Brand's memories of it?
(a) It looks smaller than he remembers.
(b) He does not recognize the land at all.
(c) It looks abandoned.
(d) It looks larger than he remembers.

2. At the Woman's house, what have the men come to ask of Brand?
(a) To be their farmer.
(b) To be the prision guard.
(c) To be their Mayor.
(d) To be their priest.

3. Why can't Brand and the Woman go back the way she has come?
(a) A pack of wild animals guards the pass.
(b) Her husband is looking for her and has a gun.
(c) The bridge was destroyed by the storm.
(d) The river has flooded and cannot be crossed on foot.

4. When Brand enters the fjord, why does the Mayor ask Brand for money?
(a) Because Brand looks wealthy.
(b) Because the Mayor wants to build a new lodge.
(c) Because a hurricane has destroyed the town.
(d) Because the town is in the middle of a long famine.

5. What does Gerd say her church is built out of?
(a) Rocks and mud.
(b) Ice and snow.
(c) Branches and twine.
(d) Trees and flowers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Brand addresses the men who have come to the Woman's house, where does he say the right eye turns toward?

2. What does Brand call his childhood home?

3. Why does Brand refuse to help the peasant and his daughter?

4. Upon Brand's arrival to the valley, where are all of the town's folk going to?

5. What does the Mayor warn Man Two not to do after discovering that his wife has died?

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