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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Brand accuses Agnes of being afraid. What does he believe she is scared of?
(a) Losing thier son due to ilness.
(b) Losing her sanity by living in the mountains.
(c) Losing the wealth promised by Brand's mother.
(d) Losing Brand due to illness.

2. In Act 4, what has Agnes been doing while Brand has been away with parish work?
(a) Decorating for Christmas.
(b) Decorating for New Year's Day.
(c) Decorating for Easter.
(d) Decorating for Halloween.

3. Agnes has a vision. What does she claim to have seen in this vision?
(a) Brand becoming the town's Mayor.
(b) Brand leaving forever.
(c) Brand becoming the town's priest.
(d) Brand walking into the fjord and never returning.

4. What does Agnes say Brand should call God?
(a) Father.
(b) Saint.
(c) Lord.
(d) Devil.

5. How does one of the men convince Brand to stay in the settlement?
(a) By using Brand's own belief: give all or nothing.
(b) By using Brand's own belief: it is God's plan.
(c) By promising Brand anything he wishes.
(d) By blackmailing him.

Short Answer Questions

1. While talking about the size of the church, what does Brand beg of Agnes?

2. What holiday does Act 4 begin with?

3. Why does Brand refuse to go with the Doctor?

4. Why does Agnes believe "all earthly souls are doomed to fail?"

5. Although the Man tells Brand that he has helped the people of the settlement, what does Brand claim is the problem with the people?

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