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Trevor Noah
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “The World Doesn’t Love You” .

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the author have trouble fitting in with his white classmates at Sandingham?
(a) Their parents forbade them from hanging out with him.
(b) They could not understand him when he spoke.
(c) They were always doing things that required spending money.
(d) They only wanted to listen to grunge rock.

2. How did the author's mother save him from the threatening men on the mini-bus?
(a) She threw him out of the vehicle.
(b) She beat the men senseless.
(c) She threatened the men into leaving them alone.
(d) She bribed the men into leaving them alone.

3. Why did Frances Noah refuse to beat the author when the author was a little boy?
(a) She claimed she did not know how to hit a white child.
(b) She did not know whether or not Trevor's mother approved of corporal punishment.
(c) She was afraid that Trevor would overpower her.
(d) She thought that beating children was wrong.

4. What convinced the author that it would be best to bide his time before revealing his crush?
(a) Girls in American high school movies always fell for their best friends.
(b) His crush's friend, Johanna, told the author that Zaheera did not want to date him.
(c) His crush's boyfriend, Gary, said he should wait because Gary wanted to sabotage the author.
(d) The author assumed that his feelings would fade soon.

5. How did the security footage distort the author's appearance after he and Teddy stole from the store?
(a) It created dark circles under his eyes that made him look menacing.
(b) It made him look much fatter than he was in real life.
(c) It blurred out his face entirely.
(d) It made his skin appear to be lighter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the author react as a child when children in the neighborhood called him white?

2. What crime did the author's parents commit when they had him?

3. Why did the author think it was ironic when a black security guard was convicted of animal abuse for killing a cat on live TV?

4. What unusual career move did Patricia make in the early 1980s?

5. How did the author respond when he found out that he could not take communion because he was not Catholic?

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