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Trevor Noah
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Lesson 1 (from "Immorality Act, 1927" - "Born a Crime")


The objective of this lesson is to examine the history of South Africa and its importance to the events of the book. Trevor Noah writes about his experiences growing up in a multiracial household in apartheid-era South Africa.


Class Discussion: Where is South Africa located? What is apartheid? How did apartheid come to an end? What inequalities characterized apartheid? What rights were curtailed within apartheid? How was apartheid enforced? What might it mean to be "born a crime" within an apartheid system? How might it affect a person to be born into a world where there very existence is illegal?

Group Activity: Divide the class into small groups. Have each group research the South African Immorality Act of 1927, which is partially quoted before the table of contents. Groups should create a presentation about what the Immorality Act was, who it affected and how it was...

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