Bone: Out from Boneville Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In chapter one what is said about why the Bones left Boneville?

Phoney Bone had some shady business deals and the entire town ran him out. Fone was there to help Phoney get out of town. Smiley has gone with them but Fone admits that the only reason that Smiley was brought along was to annoy Phoney.

2. What does Smiley say when Phoney says that he is the most loved Bone in Boneville?

Smiley laughs at this and says that the Mayor declared a holiday so that the children could come and throw rocks at Phoney. Phoney continues to argue that he is rich. Smiley says that it has been two weeks since Phoney was chased out of Boneville.

3. Compare the behavior between the Bones in chapter one when they are first introduced.

Phoney is wallowing in self-pity because he was kicked out of Boneville. Fone is trying to figure out how to get them somewhere out of the sun. It is Smiley who is trying to look on the bright side of things. It seems that nothing gets Smiley's mood down.

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