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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Thorne.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After getting to the spring what does Fone say he should have asked the dragon?
(a) If he had seen Fone's cousins.
(b) Why he is following him.
(c) What dragons eat.
(d) Where Boneville is.

2. What does Thorn hear as they are walking away from the hot spring?
(a) The spring birds.
(b) Warning bells from the village.
(c) Rat creatures.
(d) Her grandmother calling.

3. What do the possum children say that they are the best at?
(a) Rolling in the dirt.
(b) Hanging upside down.
(c) Sleeping in the day.
(d) playing dead.

4. What does Smiley say is the reason that the Mayor declared a holiday in Boneville for?
(a) So that everyone could have a hand in burning down Phoney's house.
(b) To have enough people to start a proper mob.
(c) So the kids could throw rocks at Phoney.
(d) They needed more holidays.

5. What does Fone say he would have done to the rat creatures if he was a dragon in Chapter two?
(a) Blasted them with fire.
(b) Pinched their heads off, spit down their necks and then put the heads back.
(c) Squashed them flat.
(d) Ate them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Thorn and Fone touch hands?

2. What does the creature ask Fone to do in chapter one?

3. What does Miz 'Possum say about Ted in Chapter two?

4. How does Fone track the possum children when they leave his house?

5. Where does Ted say they will stop to get Fone a drink?

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