Boesman & Lena Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Boesman's appearance. What is he wearing? How old does he appear?

Boesman is a colored man (mixed race) and is barefoot with old rolled up trousers and a load of belongings piled on his back. He is in his 50s.

2. What is Lena carrying when she enters? How does she carry it?

Lena has a load of firewood under her arm, but she carries the rest of her bundle rigidly on her head. She carries pots and pans and other household utensils, many of them in a bucket.

3. Describe the relationship between Boesman and Lena.

Boesman and Lena are married--or at least they are partners and have been together for a long time. Their relationship is built on violence and disdain, and Boesman regularly beats Lena.

4. What did Boesman do to Lena earlier in the day?

Boesman beat Lena the morning they left the village because she dropped and broke three bottles. They were going to return the bottles for money--sixpence.

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