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Chapter Abstracts

* The stage remains empty until Boesman lumbers in, burdened with belongings such as an old mattress and blanket, a blackened paraffin tin, an apple box, a few cooking utensils and a few articles of clothing.

* Boesman also drags a piece of corrugated iron in one hand.

* Boesman is barefoot and wears shapeless gray trousers rolled up to his knees, an old shirt, a faded blazer and a cap on his head.

* Boesman looks around the barren area and drops his bundles, himself falling to the ground.

* Lena appears, burdened much the same as Boesman, but without a mattress.

* Lena has a load of firewood under her arm, but she carries the rest of her bundle rigidly on her head.

* She, too, is barefoot and clothed in a baggy, lifeless dress. Lena and Boesman are each close to 50-years-old.

* Boesman looks at Lena with an unforgiving eye and...

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