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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Terry calls Amelia to find out what blood type Cordell was, ____________
(a) She asks to call Terry back later.
(b) There is no answer.
(c) She yells at him for contacting her.
(d) Amelia refuses to tell Terry.

2. Who is at Terry's house boat?
(a) the CIA.
(b) The local cops.
(c) The FBI.
(d) A weirdly dressed man.

3. Which agents apologize to Terry?
(a) Uhlig and Nevins.
(b) Hicks, Arrango and Uhilg.
(c) Nevins, Arrango, and Winston.
(d) Nevins, Uhlig and Arrango.

4. Why does Graciela begin crying while she and Terry snuggle in bed together?
(a) She is overcome with grief for her sister.
(b) She is remembering her sister.
(c) Because Terry tells her a story of an Ohio family that was murdered.
(d) She has not been this close to a man in a very long time.

5. Who took the heat for never finding Kenyon's murderer?
(a) The local law enforcement.
(b) The local SWAT team.
(c) The CIA.
(d) The FBI.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Terry shocked to learn once he talks to this person?

2. What is the killer's last comment in Kenyon's murder tape?

3. Why did the FBI go after Terry in the first place?

4. When Terry calls Buddy, what does Buddy suggest?

5. How does the Code Killer develop a personal relationship with Terry?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Terry learns the truth about the killer, how does he feel?

2. When Terry goes back to Video GraFX to see Tony, what does he sadly admit to Tony and what is Tony's reaction?

3. After seeing Tony, where do Terry and Buddy go?

4. How does Terry figure out who the killer is?

5. If anything happens to Terry, what does he want Graciela to do?

6. As Terry and Buddy return to the boat, who is waiting for them and what does this person inform Terry of?

7. Why is Terry so relucyant to turn himself into the FBI even though he knows he is innocent?

8. Why does Terry refuse to let Graciela take him back home?

9. As Terry waits for more information on the case and a phone call from Jaye, how does he begin to feel?

10. What makes Terry feel violated as he processes all of the information concerning the Code Killer?

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