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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Terry appreciate Jaye's friendship?
(a) It has kept him sane.
(b) It offers safety.
(c) She has helped him in many tricky situations.
(d) Because she put her reputation on the line to trust him.

2. When Jaye calls Terry the next day, why does she chastise him?
(a) Because he went to see Graciela.
(b) He forgot to email her an important file.
(c) Because he had his cell turned off all weekend.
(d) He failed to come into the office.

3. Why is Terry given the official brush off?
(a) Because the FBI has been mishandling cases. A high up official as come to over see the branch.
(b) FBI is becoming suspicious of Terry's actions.
(c) Jaye thinks Terry is hiding something from her.
(d) The FBI is afraid Terry is digging to deep.

4. How does Buddy make a getaway from the marina?
(a) He dresses as a pizza delivery boy.
(b) He acts like he is going to do laundry.
(c) Buddy camly leaves.
(d) He sneaks away from his house boat.

5. What update does Jaye give Terry?
(a) She has no idea who the killer is.
(b) Jaye wants Terry to flee the country.
(c) The prosecutors will seek the death penalty.
(d) The FBI will seek an indictment for the murder of Gloria Torres.

6. Buddy found _________ under the hull of Terry's boat.
(a) The murder weapon.
(b) A large sword.
(c) A dead body.
(d) A bunch of clothes and wigs.

7. Why is Terry scared of Graciela's reaction to the news about Noone and his reasons for killing Gloria?
(a) He is scared Graciela used him.
(b) He thinks she does not really have feelings for him.
(c) He is concerned Raymond has been bad-mouthing him.
(d) He is worried Graciela will blame Glora's death on Terry.

8. What does Carruthers deny when Terry calls him?
(a) They he gave Jaye any information.
(b) That he help Graciela.
(c) That he gave any videotapes to other agents.
(d) Carruthers claims that he did not tell Nevins and Uhlig he gave Terry information.

9. What finally forces Terry off of Gloria's case?
(a) Terry has an intense migraine and needs to leave the meeting.
(b) His heart giving out.
(c) His emotional connection to the Torres family.
(d) The FBI Captain.

10. When Terry calls Buddy, what does Buddy suggest?
(a) Terry should go home and go to sleep.
(b) That Terry go stay at his mother's house.
(c) They Terry not come home.
(d) They go check into a hotel.

11. How does the Code Killer develop a personal relationship with Terry?
(a) By sending him taunts and personal notes.
(b) The killer spied on Terry for many years.
(c) Impersonating Terry so he can get closer to the people around Terry.
(d) By kidnapping Terry.

12. How much money does Terry give Buddy for driving him around?
(a) $200.
(b) $250.
(c) $150.
(d) $100.

13. What do Nevins and Uhlig call Terry?
(a) Stupid.
(b) The Lion.
(c) An old man.
(d) Tin man.

14. Where do Graciela and Terry decide to go after visiting Clint Neff?
(a) She takes him to see Jaye.
(b) Back to the Times building.
(c) To Dr. Fox's hospital.
(d) To Tony's.

15. How do they finally convince Dr. Fox to give them more access to the database?
(a) Terry says he will go on a date with her.
(b) They show her proof that the system is compromised.
(c) They tell her that the integrity of the database is now in question.
(d) They show her proof that Dr. Fox has been selling the information of the databank.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Terry also ignore the intimacy the two shared?

2. What else does Nevins and Uhlig tell Terry?

3. How many fish does Raymond catch?

4. After Buddy picks Terry up, where do the two men go?

5. How many times has Terry tried to call Jaye?

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