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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Graciela stop Terry from going farther with her relationship?
(a) She wants to take things very slowly.
(b) She feels guilty about her sister.
(c) She does not want to complicate her relationship with Terry.
(d) She is in a relationship with someone else.

2. What does Terry tell Buddy that makes Buddy feel full of pride?
(a) Buddy is a good friend.
(b) He is a wonderful son.
(c) He is a good looking man.
(d) He was instrumental in breaking the case.

3. They print out the list and then begin to look for ____.
(a) What organs they had transplanted.
(b) The schedule of other transplants in the past month.
(c) Weird names on the list.
(d) Who else received Gloria's organs.

4. At this point in the book, how much of the case does Terry have figured out?
(a) 75%.
(b) 85%.
(c) 90%.
(d) 95%.

5. Why is Terry scared of Graciela's reaction to the news about Noone and his reasons for killing Gloria?
(a) He is scared Graciela used him.
(b) He is worried Graciela will blame Glora's death on Terry.
(c) He is concerned Raymond has been bad-mouthing him.
(d) He thinks she does not really have feelings for him.

6. What does Terry find at the killer's address?
(a) Pictures of all the dead victims.
(b) A note saying the killer thinks he gave Terry the gift of life.
(c) A messy home with disturbing pictures.
(d) A normal apartment.

7. At the end of this section, what shocks Terry?
(a) Dr. Fox confesses her feelings for Terry.
(b) Graciela shows up with an overnight bag in her hand.
(c) Jaye hits on Terry.
(d) Raymond got into a fight at school.

8. Who was the Code Killer?
(a) A killer who was caught by Terry and Jaye.
(b) A killer who would leave a code behind at each crime.
(c) A copycat killer.
(d) A killer that could break security codes.

9. What does Jaye think Terry should do?
(a) Go to Mexico.
(b) Prove he did not do it.
(c) Hide.
(d) Turn himself in.

10. What finally forces Terry off of Gloria's case?
(a) His emotional connection to the Torres family.
(b) The FBI Captain.
(c) Terry has an intense migraine and needs to leave the meeting.
(d) His heart giving out.

11. It does not seem like going to see Clint Neff was a good idea until _________.
(a) They all had brown hair.
(b) All the victims accidentally killed someone.
(c) They discover that the victims all shared a rare blood type.
(d) All the victims hates chocolate.

12. How does the Code Killer develop a personal relationship with Terry?
(a) The killer spied on Terry for many years.
(b) By kidnapping Terry.
(c) By sending him taunts and personal notes.
(d) Impersonating Terry so he can get closer to the people around Terry.

13. What does Terry discover about the killer?
(a) the killer could not stand women.
(b) The killer has a very identifiable scar on his hand.
(c) The killer wants Terry to discover who he is.
(d) The killer hates chocolate.

14. Why is Terry relieved when he is finally able to see Graciela?
(a) She never believed that he killed her sister.
(b) She wants to make their relationship official.
(c) He knows he loves her.
(d) She thanks him for all his help.

15. Who is at Terry's house boat?
(a) A weirdly dressed man.
(b) The local cops.
(c) the CIA.
(d) The FBI.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shakes Terry about the Code Killer?

2. Who is the Good Samaritan?

3. Why does Terry think this is a bad idea?

4. Who does Terry discover the killer is?

5. On the list of blood donors, what information do they find?

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