Blood Work Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Connelly
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1. How would you classify Blood Work by Micheal Connelly and how does the plot of the novel extend?

Blood Work by Micheal Connelly is a mystery novel. The story unravels in a collection of twists, turns, and plot changes. Connelly uses elements of suspense to keep the reader interested.

2. As the novel begins, what physical condition is Terry dealing with?

Terry has just had a heart transplant a little less than eight weeks ago. His doctor has asked him to take it easy because his body could begin to reject his heart. In order to stay healthy, Terry must seriously weigh the pros and cons of working for Graciela.

3. Why does Terry decide to help Graciela find Gloria's murder?

Terry decides to help Graciela because she appeals to his emotions as well as desires. She also points out that now that he has her sister's heart they are now family and will always be connected. Terry feels he must help her.

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